Since setting up her business, Ciara Gallagher Eyebrows, almost 10 years ago in the bedroom of her apartment, Ciara has gone from strength to strength.

Ciara is now a custom brow expert, specialsing in HD brows, and  operates  a high end studio in Bondi Junction with a loyal customer base.  We catch up with the brow expert who’s philosophy is “one brow shape does not fit all”.

How long ago did you start Ciara Gallagher Eyebrows? Why?
It all started in 2012, I was pretty keen to start my own business but wasn’t really sure what in, if I’m completely honest, but I just knew I had a passion to start and create something from new. After researching a little I noticed brows were really starting to trend so when I found an intensive training course in the UK that I could do I was quick to enrol. I remember doing the training and being the only person there that wasn’t a beauty therapist and although brow specialists weren’t really a thing then I was clear that was the path I was going to take.

What makes Ciara Gallagher Eyebrows unique?
Consultation and communication have always been an important factor in our treatment, we create a client profile on all our clients were photos and notes are saved and your treatment becomes your very own brow story. We help clients achieve better brows over time by putting them on a regrowth plan where we advise no tweezing and the daily use of castor oil to help promote growth. Our treatment consists of custom blended tinting and a combination of waxing and threading. We also show all our clients a soft and natural technique in filling in their brows with pencil, giving the client the confidence to maximise their natural brow with minimum effort.

Tell us about your career path to date?
My brow career started off very humble from a little setup in the bedroom of my apartment. I did initially look at a little treatment room in Bondi Junction to rent but with having no clients I let fear get the better of me and setup a home instead. I did this until I gained enough clients and confidence that when the same room became available twelve months later, I just went for it. I can’t remember now exactly but before I knew it, I was back-to-back with clients which were all generated by word of mouth. It was at the end of my second year in business that I took the next step by taking on an extra treatment room and employed my first team member.

What do you consider to be your greatest success?
The opening of our current studio in Bondi Junction, I love the open plan space and the atmosphere we have created. I really wanted a calming space for clients to relax while also having an opportunity to interact with others if they wish. I’m extremely proud of our space, the talented team I work with and the amazing clients we have.

What has been the most valuable learning in your career?
Oh gosh there have been so many over the years and I’m still learning all the time, but I think trusting myself and instinct has been valuable in all aspects and to be able to learn from the mistakes I’ve made rather than regretting them.

What advice would you give to the next generation of business owners?
Focus on you and your business and compete with no one other than yourself. From the beginning I constantly set myself goals and achievements and when I reached them, I’d set myself some more. I found this motivated me immensely and I was always striving to do better. I also believe a good mindset and self-belief is very important for any business owner, so always self-invest where you can.

How do you maintain a work / life balance?
I won’t lie this took a few years to grasp, as most business owners know switching off isn’t always easy. I have definitely learn and appreciate the important of self-care and have seen that my business has even benefited from it. Sunday is a day of strictly no work whatsoever for me where I really do switch off this really sets me up for the coming week.

How do you attract new customers and keep repeat customers?
Referrals have always been our biggest source of new clients, followed by google and Instagram. We have always had a high retention of returning clients as clients usually love the results and are excited by the regrowth plan for future improvement. Our team has a personable approach and always strives to make our clients feel welcome and leave feeling confident.

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