From June 12-14, Aesop will enchant attendees of Copenhagen’s annual design festival, 3daysofdesign, with its aromatic formulations for skin, hair, body, and home. Alongside showcasing the unique architecture of its three signature stores in Copenhagen, including the newly opened space on Kronprinsensgade, Aesop will present the multi-sensorial Aromatorium at Transcendence, a new exhibition concept in Refshaleøen.


Curated by the renowned Danish architect Frederikke Aagaard, Transcendence aims to challenge how we understand, perceive, and accept materials in the objects and experiences around us. In line with this theme, the Aromatorium brings Aesop’s fragrances to life in a distinctive, sensorial format.

Embodying Aesop’s principles of low-impact, circular design that elevates the everyday, the Aromatorium is a compact, transportable structure, easily accessible to the public. Visitors will experience fragrances selected to complement different times of the day, dispensed directly to their wrists by a laboratory-like contraption.

During their visit to Copenhagen, Aesop’s Store Design team was inspired by the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, located about 30 kilometers north of the city centre. The red brick tiles, timber ceilings, and discrete glass corridors create a seamless relationship with the surrounding landscape, encouraging a house-like approach to viewing art.

This inspiration is evident in the design of Aesop Kronprinsensgade, which contrasts with the museum by turning inward. The narrow, low-ceilinged space creates an atmosphere of quiet reverence, offering a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the street. Aesop’s in-house architects incorporated Danish bricks laid by local masons, echoing the detailed brickwork found in many of the city’s landmarks. Stained oak timber was crafted into a ceiling and shelves, emanating warmth and providing acoustic comfort.

Throughout the festival, Aesop will also partner with Fredericia, a family-owned design company and fellow B Corp, based in Copenhagen. They will showcase select pieces from Fredericia’s collection, including the limited-edition chair by Nanna Ditzel, ‘Chaconia’, on display at Aesop Nyhavn.

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