As we pointed out recently, supermarkets have the second largest market share of the Australian beauty market behind pharmacies.

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Woolworths and Coles remain the leaders in the channel with market shares of 32.9 per cent and 26.6 per cent, respectively.

But Aldi has shot up the rankings over the past decade, increasing its market share from 6.7 per cent in 2011 to 12.4 per cent, reports Roy Morgan Research.

The German discount chain won the coveted title of Australia’s most trusted brand in 2018 and was pipped at the post by Bunnings in 2019.

As far as beauty is concerned, Aldi’s Lacura skincare and cosmetics brand has become a major cult favourite.

Two weeks ago, the hottest commodity in the lineup – the limited series Caviar Illumination range – hit Australian stores and was snapped up overnight.

 Beauty editors worldwide went overboard with praise when the first caviar skincare products were launched in 2015 and the rave reviews have continued every time the range is included in Aldi’s famed Special Buys catalogue.

Aldi’s Lacura  range of constantly-in-stock products have also enjoyed huge success in Australia.

According to a Nielsen report in 2015, the Lacura brand is “breaking all the rules and is present in 16 per cent of Australian households across the Eastern seaboard”.

The percentage has risen as word has spread on social and print media.

 The following ranges are available year-round – Lacura Essentials, Renew, Revitalise, Revive and Naturals in skincare and Lacura Beauty colour cosmetics. All priced below $9.99.

According to Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan Research: “While it’s still a fair way behind Australia’s two supermarket giants, to put this growth in perspective, Aldi is now approaching half the market share held by the Coles Group. Aldi’s customer penetration numbers are also growing strongly. The number of people who visit an Aldi store in an average four week period has surged 8 per cent since a year ago.”

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