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On March 10, Garnier announced all of its products, globally, are now officially certified cruelty free under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme.

Garnier, owned by L’Oréal,  is one of the largest global brands to receive this approval under the Leaping Bunny programme and it means all of the brand’s  products are officially produced without animal testing involved.

This follows on from Garnier’s ‘Green Beauty’ initiative, launched  in 2020.

Garnier’s Brand Engagement Manager, Courtney Barlow.

Esprit sat down exclusively with  Garnier’s Brand Engagement Manager, Courtney Barlow, to chat more about the importance of being  officially certified cruelty free.

1. Why is it important for the brand to be cruelty free under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme?

Garnier as a brand has been committed to a world against animal testing since 1989 and we have chosen to be approved by Cruelty Free International as we believe this is the best assurance for all our customers. Garnier is going through a real transformation from significantly approving our environmental impact to now being officially Leaping Bunny approved and it’s important to us to take every possible step to becoming a truly committed brand.

2.  Was this a long process?

Garnier has worked with Cruelty Free International for over 18 months to achieve Leaping Bunny status. We secured evidence from over 500 of our suppliers who source over 3,000 ingredients from across the world, so it was a huge undertaking for the brand. It now means that every product within Garnier’s portfolio worldwide can officially display the universally recognisable Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny logo.

3. Why is this important for consumers?

Consumers today are savvy and are looking for brands who are ethical, sustainable and have minimum impact on the environment and of course, animals. It’s important to consumers that brands are transparent and honest in their operations and production, to build that trust and commitment to a brand.

4. How can brands educate consumers more about this?

By being open and honest about the importance of moving away from animal testing and moving towards a more humane alternative. I also believe it’s important for brands to engage with organisations such as Cruelty Free International to help raise awareness and provide consumers with as much information as possible.

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