With plans to lift lockdowns in NSW and Victoria by mid-to-late October as both major states accelerate their vaccination rates, Christmas is tipped to be more joyous than ever.

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA), in partnership with Roy Morgan, estimates that Australians are poised to spend more than $11 billion on Christmas presents this year.

In very positive news for retailers and marketers, most Aussies surveyed revealed that they planned to spend the same or more than they did last year.

Close to half of respondents (45%) said they had not yet made up their minds about their Christmas gift purchases.

But those who like to plan well ahead said that toys, jigsaw puzzles and board games topped their shopping lists (20%), followed by vouchers and gift cards (18%) and clothing, shoes and sleepwear (16%).

Consumers in NSW are shaping up to be the most generous with an average intended spend of $902, followed by their counterparts in Tasmania ($813), Queensland ($705), Victoria ($652), South Australia ($645) and West Australia ($472).

E-commerce is set to be a major beneficiary of the cash splash, says Paul Zahra, CEO of the ARA.

“Not surprisingly, a significant amount of Christmas shopping is set to be done online this year, which is an accelerated trend as a result of the pandemic. Consumers should be mindful of the strain  our supply chains are under and make sure they get their online orders in on time to avoid disappointment.

“We might be in September, but we’re already seeing Christmas levels of demand with current online purchases. With less than 15 weeks to go, the countdown is now on to the busiest time of the year on the retail calendar, and with more than $11 billion set to be spent on gifts this year, retailers look  set to share in the Christmas spoils.”

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