Bangn Body celebrated their second birthday while unveiling two new products at Reign at the QVB.

Since launching in 2019, the firming, multi-purpose, natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand targeted at millennials has amassed a cult following on social media and distribution in Mecca.

Brand founder Priscilla Hajiantoni, who made $8,000 within three weeks of launching, said the “multi-use Yellow Tubes of Goodness” had been so successful because the “effective formulas were backed by science”.

“Our two new product developments are no different,” she said.

Bangn Body’s new Hydrating Facial Cleanser and Firming & Brightening Beauty Treatment are both multi-purpose and formulated with Australian native botanical extracts that are vegan and cruelty-free and provide incredible benefits to the skin.

“The products are a discovery range for a new way to hydrate,” she told guests over breakfast.

“For the brand hydration is a very key factor and what we do, and our moisturising properties and the innovation that comes with that. We are sticking to our natural, cruelty-free, vegan ethos while focusing on innovation and  key ingredients that are super purposeful and results driven, and that haven’t been overused in the industry.”

While  the colour yellow is synonymous with the brand and the ‘Yellow Tubes of Goodness’, the new products launched are packaged  in a light blue.

“You guys are probably wondering why the packaging is blue?” Priscilla asked.

“I’ve always  indulged with sunrise and sunset and our Yellow Tubes of Goodness work with the morning and night routine.  The new products  are like the ocean in between, being an absolute necessity in your daily routine.”

Priscilla said it took 16 months of product design, development and formulation to create the Hydrating Facial Cleanser,  made from sunflower seed oil, soybean seed extract and Bangn Body’s signature blend of pineapple fruit extract and green coffee bean extracts, and the Firming & Brightening Beauty Treatment, a  hydrating serum-mask that  can be worn as a serum, mask, primer or lightweight moisturiser.

“This all-in-one beauty treatment is set to cause a stir amongst skincare obsessives as it is 10 times  more hydrating than hyaluronic acid,” Priscilla said.

 The treatment is made from  Tremella Fuciformis also known as the beauty mushroom, coconut alkanes, as well as Bangn Body’s signature blend of pineapple fruit extract and green coffee bean extract together the natural botanical ingredients reinforce the protective barrier of the upper derma and increase firmness and elasticity.

Priscilla said environmentally-friendly packaging was high on the agenda for the brand, with the Yellow Tubes of Goodness made from 100 per cent recyclable aluminium ethically made with BPA free lining and eco friendly dyes.

 “We aim to be a plastic-free brand that makes an impact,” she said.

“In line with this goal, we wanted to package both products in recyclable glass. We spent more than 12 months developing custom moulds to ensure the final product was unique, chic and original while still staying true to our sustainability ethos.”

The Hydrating Facial Cleanser and  Firming & Brightening Beauty Treatment are available now.

Images from the launch event below.

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