Clarins has officially launched a Lunar New Year special edition bottle of their cult product – Double Serum, featuring a Tiger to celebrate the Year Of The Tiger.

To further on from this Clarins Australia will be making a donation to WWF- China office to assist with Tiger conservation in Southeast Asia.

It is widely documented than as few as 3,900 tigers are left in the wild due to the growing demand of Palm Oil, deforestation, and indiscriminate snaring.

Double Serum has a unique, concentrated double formula which is 96% natural and enriched with 13 plant extracts.

Clarins research highlighted the key role alpha-v integrins play: they are proteins that ensure the proper cohesion of cells.

With age, the amount of these integrins around the eye contour drastically diminishes.

This can lead to the slowing down of the skin’s 5 vital functions which promote a youthful eye area: regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration and protection.

A key plant discovery behind a younger-looking eye area: organic Wild Chervil extract.

Three years of research, 196 plants studied by Clarins Laboratories: organic Wild Chervil extract was chosen for its extraordinary ability to boost the production of alpha-v integrins which helps the skin regain strength and vitality thanks to proper cellular cohesion.

Double Serum has such a cult following one sells on average every 5 seconds globally*

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