Three areas highlight ageing first – the hands, neck and eyes. During Zoom meetings and video calls, you can hide the first two, but even wearing glasses does little to disguise wrinkles and bags around the eyes.

According to a new study from StriVectin, the anti-ageing skincare specialist, eye concerns top the list of “video face” concerns. More than 25 per cent of respondents fingered undereye circles as their number one issue in video calls.

With Covid-19 restrictions being eased and re-introduced and local and international travel on the backburner in many countries, video calling and Zoom meetings could be the norm for the foreseeable future. Even when things normalise, companies looking to economise may continue to trim their travel budgets, say experts.

The survey underlined what most people already know – phone and computer video cameras intensify shadows and puffiness around the eyes, shine the spotlight on blemishes and wrinkles and make the face look a lot fuller than it does in the mirror.

More than 30 per cent of respondents revealed that they have turned off the camera if they believe that it makes them look older and more lined.

But 71 per cent said they have made extra efforts to treat, conceal or disguise eye problems. A high 37 per cent looked to serums, eye creams and devices in a bid to look better. While 34 per cent used more concealer.

More eye makeup was the answer for 31 per cent of respondents, who felt that adding definition was a good defensive strategy.

Google and other search engines came to the rescue of 44 per cent, who researched how to look better on video calls. A further 33 per cent considered cosmetic procedures such as injectables and surgery to correct eye concerns.

It’s good news for beauty sales. More than 51 per cent said that they had increased their monthly skincare and grooming expenditure since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, largely because of greater concern about their appearance on video calls.

It’s not all about skincare, though. Nearly half the respondents said their number one pre-Zoom beauty strategy was to comb their hair.

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