Amelia Gartner is a true beauty entrepreneur.

The business leader, passionate about start-ups and from the complementary medicine, wellness and cosmetic industries was formerly the Founder and General Manager of Raw Skincare Australia and CEO of Cedar + Stone.

The mother-of-two oversaw the merger between those two companies, became the group CEO, and worked with venture capital and private equity funds to advance all facets of the business, including product and brand development, as well as local and international expansion.

Amelia always believed skincare could be simple, time-savvy and still highly effective.

And so, she created hemp-based skincare range Vela Days.

“Created by pharmaceutical medicinal cannabis company, Greenfield MC, cannabis and hemp is in Vela Days’ DNA,” she said.

She said the range utilises a core “CannaComplex technology” to create “highly innovative, professional strength skin care”.

“The technology harnesses powerful ingredients such as Hemp Seed Extract and THCFree Hemp Stem Cells to enhance and nurture skin,” she said.

“With anti-inflammatory and active healing properties, this powerfully potent plant has worked for millennia to deeply penetrate pores, moderate oil production, moisturise, and soothe to create calmer, smoother, radiant skin.”

Greenfield MC is comprised of professionals with a shared vision to be the Asia-Pacific’s leading supplier of CBD oil.  Based in Sydney, they can provide eligible patients access to CBD oil products under the Special Access Scheme in Australia.

Sustainability is also at the core of Vela Days ensuring its operations and all suppliers are carbon neutral.

Refill options are available for products and the company has a full packaging take back recycling scheme to help close the beauty loop.

One tree is also planted in Australia for every order placed online.

Products in the CannaComplex core product range include a Cleansing Balm, Multi-Active Facial Serum, Fortifying Oil Serum and Gel Cream. Prices range from $89 to $150.

Fun fact:

The name Vela comes from a constellation that can only be seen from the Southern Hemisphere. “It reflects the magic of the sky and the power of the earth that’s also responsible for our key ingredient, hemp, which we grow proudly at home in Australia,” Amelia said.  “Vela Days are the two coming together, falling into place and showing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.”

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