Ocea McKenzie, known as @glamphetamine on social media, started out as a hairdresser in a small country town. Today, the MUA extraordinaire  is the Education Manager for Mac & Bobbi Brown ANZ. The self-confessed beauty junkie – who is obsessed with UFOs –  shares the products she can’t live without.

How did you get  into beauty?

I started out as a hairdresser in a small country town and entered into the world of makeup as a beauty consultant at a Myer Counter in South Australia 17 years ago.  During my beauty career I have been blessed to travel the globe, work with iconic makeup artists, and celebrities , fashion weeks and teach so many beautiful aspiring makeup artists about makeup.

What’s your current role and responsibilities?

As Education Manager for Mac & Bobbi Brown ANZ, my responsibilities are devising , overseeing and executing the educational strategy in both the Australian and New Zealand markets. I focus on product knowledge and  artistry, while supporting marketing initiatives and creating brand content.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

There are so many rewarding parts – um, hello I get to play with makeup and skincare – this itself is a dream! The most rewarding part however is working with a creative team who are so enthusiastic, passionate and really inspire me.

Favourite town when travelling on the road (when we can travel)?

I love road trips – I love the country side, and I love travelling through small towns trying all the local bakeries I can find.  I have to say Port Elliot is a beautiful little town in South Australia with gorgeous beaches and the best bakery in town.

What is your life motto?

Be yourself – everyone else is taken.  It costs nothing to be kind.

Best piece of advice you have received?

Don’t stress about the future – it hasn’t happened yet.  Meditate.

Fave playlist or podcast?

I LOVE music and podcasts so this is hard. All my current playlists on Spotify I adore.  A good grunge or metal playlist gets me going but I equally love rap, soul –  you name it.  Being someone who questions anything mainstream, I love listening to any podcasts about UFOs, remote viewing, paranormal activity or hidden history.  One of my favourite investigative reporters is Linda Moulton Howe from Earthfiles.

Advice for those starting out in the beauty industry?

Pay attention to trends, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and have fun. The beauty industry is always changing and I think that is so exciting.

How do you remain passionate about the beauty industry?

Being a huge beauty junkie myself, I am hugely passionate about the industry. I love trying new products, I’m hugely interested in sustainability,  ingredients and packaging so I am always looking at these things.

If you weren’t in the beauty industry, where would we find you?

You would find me either working in natural medicine, as a ufologist (UFO researcher) or with animals.

Who is your beauty icon?

Gwen Stefani is my beauty icon.  I love every era of Gwen – she is just a stand out for me.

What is your go-to beauty look for spring?

I love a youthful, glowy look so you will find me with a sheer wash of foundation, preferably MAC Studio Radiance Face & Body Foundation, a cream blush, and highlighter.

What product couldn’t you live without?

MAC Fix+ Magic Radiance – it’s like Botox in a bottle for me.  After a few spritzes it feels like you’ve had a facial.

What’s the biggest makeup faux pas you see people make?

Thinking that they desperately need a primer to make foundation last.  This is just one component.  Skincare and choosing the right foundation for skin type is incredibly important in helping achieve this. Primer will ultimately support these things. 

Your one piece of beauty advice?

Drink water. Moisturiser can only take you so far.

This article was published in the Spring issue of Retail Beauty.

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