Heatless Curl is a Bondi-based hair tool brand founded by two friends with a shared love for timesaving and heat-free hair tools.

Genevieve Tyrrell, a secondary school visual arts teacher, founded the brand with her friend Kylie Cruickshank, a hairdresser and salon owner.

Using their complementary skill sets, they created the Heatless Curl Sash to take the heat, hair damage, and difficulty out of at-home hair curling.

“I had seen the heatless curl trend on TikTok, but I was unable to find the right product anywhere,” Genevieve explains. “I have very thick hair and a lazy attitude towards haircare and beauty, so most curling techniques were too time-consuming for me. It was very important to me that the final design was easy enough for someone like me to successfully use it.”

The Heatless Curl Sash is user-friendly and only takes a few minutes to apply to medium and long lengths.

It minimises the need for hot curling tools – not only is that excellent for overall hair health but is also a great way to reduce electricity usage.

The terry towelling fabric is super soft, which helps to reduce frizz while it curls the hair.

The Heatless Curl Sash is also lightweight, compact, and comes in a travel-friendly bag that makes it perfect for use anywhere in the world.

(No need to worry about packing a travel adapter for an electric curling tool.)

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