by Nikita Papas

Beauty’s highway is saturated with brands, some established and an array of newcomers that are reimagining the landscape with a bespoke and increasingly ‘conscious’ approach. The world is spinning – social media has redefined the content landscape, and we are now trained to consume information at lightning speed. A robust PR and communications strategy that embraces a digital-first, influencer-driven approach is critical, but nurtured media relationships that foster loyalty and growth, should never be underestimated. Understanding the needs of your media audience and creating strategic efficiencies with your outreach will propel the valuable mentions you are seeking.

Pitch perfect – nailing the press release

Brand assets are diamonds. As brand custodians, we need to be equipped with the most polished and engaging brand assets, to create envy and desire amongst media and consumers. A well-executed media release will touch on the brand story and seamlessly relay key product features and benefits. Like us, we need to assume that our audience is time-poor – adopt a less-is-more approach and segment the information with arresting sub-headings to ensure it is easy to digest. Writing is an acquired skill – if required, deploy a professional to create the most compelling brand and product narratives.

The most engaging editorial features are anchored by professionally lensed, art directed images – the quality needs to be high-end, and the clearly named files should ideally be provided in both low- and high-resolution formats. Editors and writers appreciate options – be sure to provide an array of product executions (clean and lifestyle-oriented), that can be downloaded with absolute ease.

A nurtured, up-to-date media database is also crucial – your assets need to land into the correct inbox.

Knowledge is key

Consumers are becoming progressively knowledgeable about ingredients. Aligning with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) such as dermatologists and aesthetic doctors, that can talk to the benefits of specific ingredients builds swift credibility. These professionals can also speak to (harmful) ingredients that have been deliberately omitted. Expert KOL quotes that are integrated into media releases provide premium fuel for editors seeking to elevate their editorial features.

Furthermore, the quotes can prompt requests for further outreach to the KOL – this can potentially increase the allocated editorial real estate to maximise exposure for the brand and/or product. If aligning with a KOL is not an option, hero key ingredients with a clinical approach, whilst adhering to the brand’s signature tone of voice. The beauty landscape is filled with promises – media and consumers are seeking proof. Ultimately, talk to creating and maintaining healthy, radiant-looking skin – this simple (but sometimes overseen) skincare goal is universal.

Adhering to industry standards

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) is the foremost industry body that combines the expertise of revered industry professionals, marketers, and content creators, committed to elevating best practice for influencer marketing. I recommend reviewing the AiMCO Influencer Marketing Code of Practice to encourage the adoption of appropriate industry standards – to instill transparency and build trust across all influencer outreach initiatives. 

The influencers we engage should be aligned to the brand’s key pillars and values. Seek out admirable content creators – storytellers that create narrative-driven content that can be repurposed across your brand channels. Build enduring partnerships to create authenticity and showcase a consistent journey that conveys ‘brand love’. Consider diversity and inclusivity, and understand that the influencer’s audience is attuned to their unique aesthetic and voice. The content brief should articulate the deliverables, but also provide creative autonomy, or the content will otherwise appear contrived and deter engagement.

PR and Communications specialist Nikita Papas.


About Nikita Papas:

Nikita Papas is an established PR and Communications specialist who has garnered 15+ years within the beauty, fashion, advertising, and publishing arenas. Previously engaged with L’Oréal, the world’s largest beauty company, his impressive brand portfolio included La Roche-Posay, Kérastase, Redken 5th Avenue NYC, and Skinceuticals. An experienced Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle Editor and Creative Director, Nikita understands how both media and consumers digest and share content, and the value of creating an addictive customer experience. His current freelance PR and Communications role sees him connect with the most enviable fashion and beauty brands, media tastemakers, influencers, and creative agencies.

This article was first published in the Summer issue of Retail Beauty.

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