Innisfree, the South Korean ethical skincare brand, is into its annual ‘Eco-Hankie Campaign’ again.

First introduced in 2010, the ‘Eco-Hankie Campaign’ is innisfree’s leading annual environmental campaign held during June, in conjunction with World Environment Day, and accompanied by the tagline A delightful change for the earth and for me’.

The campaign advocates for the use of handkerchiefs over disposable tissues to help people be mindful of the difference between a single-use ‘chuck-out’ (landfill) approach compared to a wash-able hankie you can keep until is wears out. It all helps to keep the Earth clean and green, with an aim to help raise awareness on deforestation and promote the protection of forests. Much like choosing a mug over a paper cup, the simple act of reaching for a handkerchief over a paper tissue can help save one tree at a time and protect our forests.

The 2019 campaign continues with three beautifully designed Eco-Hankies inspired by joyful moments of playing green in a witty way through singing, dancing, and jumping.


innisfree’s range of Eco-Hankies


Complementing the Eco-Hankies, innisfree is repeating the fun designs on jumbo-sized versions of skincare products in limited edition Green Tea Seed Serum 160ml, Green Tea Balancing Skin EX 400ml, Green Tea Balancing Lotion EX 320ml, My Make Up Cleanser Micellar Oil Water 400ml, and Green Tea Lip Balm 3.6g in regular size.

This years’ Eco-Hankies are being given out for free with any limited-edition product purchase. Innisfree also has three Eco-Bags to complement the Eco-Hankie Campaign, which are being given out to customers who spend $90 or more in-store.

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