Powerhouse pharmacy retailer Chemist Warehouse is gearing up to officially launch highly popular wellness brand, JSHealth Vitamins and their targeted health and beauty offerings, into 408 stores around the country in the coming weeks.

 Created by Jessica Sepel, the full 48 SKU JSHealth Vitamins range includes supplements, skincare, marine collagen and plant-based protein powders, which will be easily accessible to customers around Australia both in-store and online via www.chemistwarehouse.com.au.

 Chemist Warehouse will be the only Australian retailer to stock the full portfolio of products, providing the largest JSHealth Vitamins product offering to customers.

At JSHealth Vitamins, the team of experts are committed to developing and providing formulas based on carefully selected ingredients, knowledge, specific doses.

Every formula they create is inspired by the needs of the community and their care for their customers.

What sets JSHealth Vitamins apart is that they understood how confusing and overwhelming the supplement can be, so they actually created the range with the mission to simplify this by crafting formulas that are targeted to support specific health needs and goals, whether it be skin health, stress and anxiety, sleep, bloating or any other common concerns.

The names of the formulas reflect this targeted concept with products such as Hair and Energy and Detox and Debloat (pictured) garnering a cult following since the brand’s conception in 2019.

“As the brand’s founder, this is a very proud moment and a huge step for JSHealth Vitamins. Since we launched four years ago, I have always said how important it is to me that Australians have easy access to our health and beauty products, and partnering with a reputable powerhouse like Chemist Warehouse really elevates that opportunity. I am thrilled to take this next step, and I know our dedicated community and new customers will be even more so… I believe making these products more accessible than ever will support so many. We look forward to a caring and successful partnership ahead,” said JSHealth Vitamins founder, Jessica Sepel.

 “As the House of Wellness, at Chemist Warehouse we strive to deliver our customers accessible, affordable and high-quality lifestyle and wellness solutions. We are thrilled to partner with JSHealth and welcome them to the Chemist Warehouse family, in addition to providing our valued customers a direct line to the brands popular products,” said Chemist Warehouse Director, Mario Tascone.

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