Kiyomi is a Japanese word and it’s true meaning signifies purity, to be sacred and beautiful.

This is where the name Kiyomee Blends was inspired and born as it resonates with the brand’s  vision and purpose.

Kiyomee Blends Cleanse collagen was formulated with the highest grade hydrolysed collagen peptides, as it has the added benefit of digestive gut support and also aids in stronger joints and bone health.

 It is combined with a variety of extracts to assist the body to repair and heal, it also provides the body with collagen Types I and IIl. 

Kiyomee Blends Cleanse collagen was released in July 2020 by beauty expert, Kathy Kiedrzynski.

Kathy has over 20 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry.

Australian made and owned, Kiyomee Blends Cleanse collagen is available in five delicious flavours including Blueberry Collagen (pictured), Pina Colada Collagen, Tropical Collagen, Unflavoured Collagen and Watermelon Collagen.

How to take:

Add 1 scoop to boiling water and enjoy the sweet flavours, or as recommended 1 scoop into 200ml of room temperature water and simply shake or stir.

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