Power Retail has unveiled its inaugural Most-Loved Retailers Report, highlighting the nation’s favourite beauty retailers. Mecca has emerged as Australia’s top beauty retailer, followed closely by Adore Beauty, Chemist Warehouse, Shaver Shop, and Priceline.

Based on surveys from over 12,000 online shoppers, the report emphasises that convenience and customisation are crucial in securing consumer loyalty. The comprehensive report breaks down findings by age group, product category, and selling channel, offering a thorough analysis of the retail landscape in Australia.

Top Beauty Retailers:

  • Mecca
  • Adore Beauty
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Shaver Shop
  • Priceline
  • Sephora
  • Nutrition Warehouse

“Mecca stands out due to its loyal customer base, which it leverages through the Beauty Loop tiered program, rewarding customers with personalised gift boxes,” said Rosalea Catterson, Editor of Power Retail. “Their approach to customer loyalty is a key factor in their top ranking.”

The report identifies key traits common among the most beloved retailers:

  • Customer Feedback: Actively listening to and implementing customer feedback to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Online Experience: Creating seamless and intuitive online shopping experiences.
  • In-store Engagement: Ensuring staff are engaging and available to assist customers.
  • Effective Communication: Maintaining proactive and transparent communication from order to delivery.
  • Customer Recovery: Empowering employees to swiftly and effectively resolve customer issues.

David Fear, Head of Data at Power Retail, highlighted the importance of a diverse survey sample in the report’s findings. “Our first-ever Most-Loved Retailers Report reflects a wide array of Australian consumer perspectives,” David said. “The data offers valuable insights into current customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as future expectations.”

Other Retail Winners:

  • Top Multi-Channel Retailers: City Chic, Forever New, Dusk, Mecca, and Skechers.
  • Top Online Only Retailers: The Iconic, Adore Beauty, Pet Circle, Temple & Webster, and Appliances Online.
  • Top Retailers for 18-34 Year Olds: Mecca, The Iconic, Pet Circle, Uniqlo, and Bunnings Warehouse.
  • Top Retailers for 34+: Adore Beauty, Dusk, Ikea, Skechers, and Forever New.

“Mecca’s ranking, particularly among younger consumers, underscores the importance of a convenient, fast, and varied shopping experience,” added Rosalea. “This report provides critical insights into what Australian consumers value in their shopping journeys.”

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