How many times can we start a year hearing, ‘New Year, New Me’? It’s really getting old and with the year we’ve just had, the year that was 2020, it just goes to show you never really know what’s around the corner. So, be the ‘new you’ always and never forget life’s little challenges (ahem, Covid-19) as these difficult times can make us stronger by forcing us to re-evaluate what’s really important. Take the world of beauty, for example. Yes, Covid-19 wasn’t ideal or easy for many industries, especially beauty, but it also showed us that people still wanted to look and feel good, even if they had nowhere to go. This was especially true for skin.

Our skin is always on display, and finally so many of us (myself included), had more time on their hands to take care of the skin they show off daily. For me, it was a chance to try new products, masks being the number one item, and even new skin gadgets. Perhaps if 2020 didn’t happen the way it did, I wouldn’t have had this love of beauty returning to the ‘back to basics’ direction.


Usually at this time of year, beauty writers and makeup artists alike are gearing up for major Hollywood red carpet moments. It’s the time when Fashion Weeks around the world take place, all showcasing top beauty looks from celebrity makeup artists around the globe. Now, while some events may still be going ahead on Zoom or virtually, it is still a very different story to this time last year, when everything was pretty much full steam ahead in these worlds. I often get asked during interviews: “What are the new trends this season?”

Usually, there are at least five, if not 10, top ones you find, especially from catwalk shows. But all of last year I was saying skin, skin, skin… There’s no doubt 2020, was the year of self-care. Hair and sheet masks, candles, diffusers – anything that made you feel good, relaxed, de-stressed and slightly pampered sold well. I don’t think this trend is going to go away anytime soon, so make sure you take the time to incorporate this into your beauty work life. I am a big fan of making up my own trends and this is the perfect time, as we don’t have these major trend reports coming through from overseas that we are used to.

Plus, I am very directed in my work as a Makeup Artist/Beauty Expert with new products that brands release. They inspire me to try every possible way to use the product in application, texture mixing, how it wears and also what finish or finishes I can create. Be your own trend report as your customers love new and versatile products! So much in makeup and skincare can be used in more ways than recommended or advertised, and in a more skin-focused beauty world, mixing textures and creating glowy skin is one big trend that came out of 2020. Make sure you use that creative artistry mind to your advantage in a retail environment.


Life for so many has taken a step back, a little slower paced perhaps, so always have the ‘Back to Basics’ vibe ready to go. We are still living with a major global pandemic, so while we might be doing well and things are slowly opening up and getting back to normal in Australia, major glam moments might not be top of mind for many of your customers for a while yet. Instagram beauty looks are not always real life, so talk to your customer in ways they understand and can relate to.

Think back to the office looks, Zoom beauty (how to define your features), date night, summer skin glow or how to shine control your face while still looking fresh – so many day to day things that real women are going through, as not so many are going to major glam events, so always keep it real.

I recently did a beauty segment on Channel 9’s Today Extra, talking beauty expiration dates, something that so many on the cosmetic floor never discuss during a consultation or sale. Little open jar symbols on the back of products are there to help the consumer know the lifespan of what they are purchasing. It can also assist in sales on the shop floor if the customer is aware that after six months or so, most active ingredients will lose their potency, or that their foundation should be replaced once opened every 12 months. More importantly, does the customer know if their is SPF still working correctly?

So, there may not be an many major trends coming through, and glam may be on a slight backseat, but there is so much to educate consumers on when it comes to ‘back to basics’ style beauty. Make sure you remind your customers that now, and pretty much always, the essential part of any beauty routine starts with great skin.

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