One of ten children, Cheryl Ross recalled her father making homemade remedies for the neighbours in the backyard when she was younger.

“My father had a saucepan and we were never allowed to touch that saucepan,” she said. “Because that what where he made his salves and his balms and his ointments for the locals. He took me through the journey of making extracts.”

It’s no surprise that the former international model became a cosmetics formulator, creating CR Formulations in 2010, a company that creates world-class products made to international standards for the domestic and global markets.

“Because I formulated for so many companies in Australia, I thought, I have to use my knowledge and my experience and put my DNA on a brand,” she said.

In 2017, Cheryl launched a range of premium skincare powered by Australian native botanicals –  Minenssey Skincare.

The latest skincare SKUs to launch is the Minenssey Multimasking Range.

It gives the user the power to customise their masking routine based on their skincare requirements.

“Rather than applying one mask to the entirety of your complexion, select one of three masks, T-Zone Refining Mask, Z-Night Restore Mask, and O-Polish Enzyme Resurfacing Mask, to target your unique skin concerns and unlock your glow,” Cheryl said.

Addressing media and guests at the launch, Cheryl, said “with passion comes innovation”.

“I’m 71 this year, but I still work five days a week, I still get up at six o’clock and I’m working in a factory all day. What drives me is that passion – I’m innovating. It’s discovering new ingredients.”

Cheryl said when formulating a product, she always chooses ingredients with a story that mean something to her and she believes that effective beauty treatments come from the ultimate blend of nature and science.

Minenssey’s Multimasking Range is available now at

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