Nicole Kidman‘s selling power is undisputed. In 2012, she revived the fortunes of Chanel No 5 in a campaign directed by fellow Aussie, Baz Luhrmann. Young women all over the world started asking for the “new” fragrance from Chanel and the iconic fragrance acquired an army of youthful fans.

The Oscar-winning actress has also lent her star billing to Neutrogena. Late last year, Kidman signed on as the first strategic business partner and global ambassador for US-based Sera Labs,  a pioneer of CBD (cannabidol) skincare, which is a subsidiary of CURE Pharmaceutical Holdings.

The connection is personal, too. Kidman suffered an ankle injury last year and used a CBD cream to soothe the inflammation. Sera Labs was founded in 2018 and is a global leader in the health, wellness and beauty sectors, primarily in the use of CBD-based formulas and advanced delivery systems.

Kidman fronts the brand’s nine SKU lineup of Advanced Anti-Aging Formula with CBD products. But is now the face of a new campaign for the brand’s recently launched clean beauty range – Sera Labs Revolution – a non-CBD lineup of 11 products, including Loving Hands Essential Oil, Indulgence Brown Sugar Scrub, Harmony Face & Neck Toner and Gleaming, a brightening serum.

Reasonable prices are a hallmark of Sera Labs – from US$12.95 to US$60. The new plant-based anti-ageing products incorporates P3P complex developed by CURE Pharmaceuticals, which has a deeply penetrating tripeptide delivery system.

Sera Labs is not available in Australia yet, but go to for more information. CURE has partnerships in the US, China, Mexico, Canada, Israel and major European markets. With Kidman’s popularity on her home turf, a rollout could be on the way.

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