Beiersdorf, the German parent company of Nivea, La Prairie and Eucerin, has been making big strides in the personalised skincare category over the past year.

The multinational launched O.W.N – an acronym of Only What’s Needed – an online-only vegan skincare brand in select European markets in February. The formulas are personalised to individual needs using a scientific questionnaire and a proprietary algorithm.

In 2020, Beiersdorf also debuted the Nivea Skin Guide, an AI-based app that analyses selfies to provide personal product and skincare recommendations.

The multinational launched Oscar&Paul, a corporate venture platform focused on nurturing indie brands, in 2019. The two-year-old business unit has partnered with 9.5 Ventures, a medium-sized venture capital fund, to invest in Routinely, a Dutch direct-to-consumer skincare brand.

Routinely offers 13 unisex skincare serums, currently sold in Belgium and the Netherlands, which are based on ingredients calibrated to individual needs following the completion of an online questionnaire.

After making a purchase, customers continue to receive real-time guidance via Routinely’s app that helps them to track, review and refine their skincare choices. Current products include a microbiome balance serum and an awakening ferment for the eyes.

The Routinely brand will be available in major European markets over the Northern Hemisphere Summer and Autumn. According to Ascan Voswinckel, head of Oscar&Paul Beiersdorf Venture Capital, we know from comprehensive feedback and studies how relevant personalised skincare is to the consumer. “Our investment in Routinely also reflects the potential we see in serving the increased online consumer demand.”

The move into mass personalisation isn’t a one-way street. There’s a big marketing and sales payoff for beauty and skincare companies. Personalised products are a great way of attracting new customers, building and keeping their loyalty, boosting replenishment sales and keeping in regular contact.

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