Following the successful launch of Australian cricketing icon Shane Warne’s debut scent in 2020 comes his second foray into the fragrance world, SW23 Sport.

Talking to Retail Beauty from London, where the 52-year-old has been working for Sky Sports the past few months commentating the Indian cricket series, Warney said the new fragrance was “a little bit fresher and a bit lighter” than his original scent, SW23.

“It’s a sport version, so it’s a bit lighter and a bit fresher than the first one,” he said.

“It’s got mandarin spritzes, it’s a bit spicy, it’s got dry iris and a tonka bean.”

The father-of-three said the decision to make a second fragrance was due to popular demand.

“SW23 was so popular we thought, geez, let’s do another. Everyone loved it and kept asking when there was going to be another fragrance. That makes you pretty proud when people love it.”

Perfumer Gil Clavien, the nose behind fragrances by Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Vera Wang and Elizabeth Arden, is responsible for the “striking, aromatic and sensual fragrance” that “radiates style with a bold mix of ingredients that tantalise the senses”.

Warney said his aim was to create a premium perfume at an affordable price point and that a collaborative approach was taken with the perfumer to create the final scent.

“The team from Chemist Warehouse that I work with are based in New York. I told them the fragrances I wear and like, whether it be a Tom Ford or Creed, and they sent me 12 samples based on that. Over three to six months I’d wear each one around and receive feedback from friends and family. We came up with something that smells super expensive but it costs only $49.99.”

The description by Chemist Warehouse, exclusive distributor of the SW fragrances, describes the fragrance as: “Opening with notes of refreshing and zesty mandarin spritz, the scent transforms and intensifies with mid notes of spicy and dry iris and finishes with the warm and sweet base notes of the tonka bean. The refined yet bold bottle maintains the classic shape of Shane’s debut scent with a twist, a stylised black cap and a pop of vibrant blue, showcasing the style of Shane himself.”

So, as scent-sitive guy, who is the worst smelling cricketer Shane Warne has ever come across?

“Definitely ex-England captain Mike  Atherton because he was born with no sense of smell (congenital anosmia),” Shane explained. “My goodness he had no idea either when he smelt bad – we had to tell him.”

Obviously, the best smelling cricketer is the King of Spin himself. “I’m  definitely the best smelling. I’m super hygienic, I shower three times a day, I like to keep fresh – after all there’s no cricketer out there that has his own fragrance.”

SW23 Sport By Shane Warne Eau De Toilette is available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse stores Australia-wide and online. RRP 100ml, $49.99.

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