Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. Established by Dominican friars shortly after their arrival in Florence in 1221, the pharmacy used medicinal herbs grown in the monastic garden to make medications, balms and ointments for their convent’s small infirmary.

The Old Apothecary, now a herbalist’s shop, was used for the sale and display of products between 1612 and 1848; the historic Sales Room, restructured in 1848, was used to entertain the increasing number of patrons of the famed pharmacy; while the Green Room was used until 1700 as a reception where pharmacy liqueurs including Alkermes China and chocolate syrup were served. 

Today, the pharmacy prepares its products in Liberty style facilities in Via Reginaldo Giuliani, three kilometres from the head office in northern Florence, using equipment which has been specifically designed and built to combine modern technology with ancient producing methods.

Good news for lovers of the iconic brand – Aussies can now get their hands on goodies from the revered Italian apothecary brand.

The Santa Maria Novella Australian flagship boutique opened recently at The Intersection Paddington in Sydney.

Offering not just the classic collection of products for which the brand is known, including liqueurs, colognes, hair care, oral hygiene, face and body care, soaps, wax products, room fragrances, ceramics, leather goods and a barber line, Santa Maria Novella Paddington will also welcome exclusive products to Australia for the very first time.

These include the Terry Cloth range, Silver and Gold Accessories, Incenses, Liqueur Glasses, Lavender and Pot Pourri drawer sachets, Aceto Aromatico and Acqua di Melissa Elisir.

Designed to reflect the spirit of the brand, the modern and refined store concept has been crafted by Filippo Burresi.

Committed to offering an unrivalled experience, the Santa Maria Novella Australian flagship will enhance the consumer experience by providing clients with an instore consultation prior to purchasing, as well as offering private masterclasses and events.

Images, taken by Esteban La Tessa, from the opening below:

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