Professional hairdresser Kylie Hayes, left, and Revlon Professional education manager, Renee Meredith, right.

Slowly people are coming around to the notion that their scalp is just as important as the  skin on their face, and as such, it should be treated with the same care and attention.

Revlon Professional education manager, Renee Meredith, and professional hairdresser, Kylie Hayes, from Haze Hair by Design, who have a combined 40-plus years’ expertise in haircare, shared with esprit their insights when it came to a healthy and balanced scalp.
  • Why is scalp care equally important as skincare?  

Renee: “It’s so true, you should treat your scalp the same way as the skin of your face. The scalp is an extension of your face, it’s the same skin but with hair growing. Scalp care is extremely important as it gets dirty just like the face. The scalp faces day-to-day aggressors like sweat, pollution, sebum and styling product build up.” 

Kylie: “Scalp care is as important as skin care as it’s an extension of your face, your scalp can effect your hair so it is very important to keep it under control.” 

  • Why do people need to make sure they maintain a healthy and happy scalp?  

Renee: “A healthy scalp is a happy scalp. Healthy scalp skin is less prone to drying, flaking, clogging and causing any irritation or itchiness. Think of the pores of your face, when they are healthy your skin looks healthier, smoother and it glows.” 

  • What are some of the causes of a dry and itchy scalp and how can they be treated?

Kylie: “Dry and itchy scalps can be can caused by many different things including product use, having a sensitive skin and outside or environmental elements.” 

  • How can a healthy scalp help improve the health and the quality of hair?  

Renee: “A healthy scalp is one of the main reasons your hair grows out healthy. Having a healthy scalp allows your hair to grow stronger and more resilient. Think of the roots of your hair under your scalp like the roots of a tree, if you don’t look after, water and fertilise the tree the roots and tree die. The roots of your scalp need a healthy environment to be able to produce the healthiest of hair.” 

Kylie: “A healthy scalp promotes hair growth and the strength of the hair.” 

  • What are some other scalp concerns that people may not be aware of?

Renee: “There are many scalp concerns that people come across. Excessive oily scalps are quite common, you find if the skin on your face is naturally oily your scalp is generally the same. You may be suffering from dandruff which is a skin condition producing big white or yellow flakes. You may suffer from hair thinning due to different reasons or stages in your life, or you may just have a sensitive scalp skin with can lead to tightness or a dry scalp. With all the many different conditions, Revlon Professional Eksperience range that includes a Scalp Exfoliator and several different single dose Scalp Lotions will be able to assist with all of the above scalp issues, to help regulate a healthy scalp environment.”  

Kylie: “Some of the scalp concerns that we often see in the salon and that we help treat with the Eksperience are sensitive scalps, hormonal hair loss, unexplained hair loss, oily scalps and dandruff. The most popular products are the Scalp Comfort Shampoo, the Revitalising Shampoo and the Mud Scalp Treatment.” 

  • How can people maintain scalp health in summer? 

Renee: “When it comes to your scalp during the hotter months, it’s important to keep it cleansed more frequently due to our bodies sweating more from being outdoors. This will help create a healthy scalp environment whilst having fun down the beach or in the pool. The key to great a great scalp and healthy hair during summer is to use products with lots of moisturising ingredients to rehydrate and also UVA filters to protect our hair from the environment. Just like we do with our faces with sunscreen. Revlon Professional Eksperience Sun Pro range has a Marine Cleanser, a Marine Protecting leave in Cream and a Hydrating Conditioner: the Range is full of amazing ingredients including coconut oil to help hydrate your locks through summer.”

Kylie: “Scalp care is always very important and especially with change of season just like our skin, our hair and scalp need protection! Leading into summer it is important to look at your lifestyle e.g. do you spend a lot time or just more time outdoors? Do you swim? Are you going on holiday? Some great tips on how to look after your hair and scalp in the warmer months are:

  • Shampoo, conditioner, treatments and protective stray to shield your hair from the UV rays and  elements just like we do for our skin.
  • Ask your hairdresser for the best product choice for your hair e.g. like the Revlon Professional Eksperience ranges new upcoming product sun care your complete range to look after your hair and scalp in summer.
  • Adding a scalp and hair treatment to  your regular cut and blow-dry service.
  • Always wear a hat.”

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