Most of us are familiar with probiotics when it comes to supporting our gut health (enter yoghurt, kombucha and supplements), but aren’t across the shared benefits of biotics for skin health.

The skin’s microbiome is the term that describes the trillions of microorganisms, (composed of bacteria, bacteriophage, fungi, protozoa and viruses) that live on our skin naturally, albeit invisibly.

The skin microbiome can change or be disrupted depending on various environmental and genetic factors, including climate, age, gender, hormones, and how it’s cared for.

Maintaining a healthy microbiome supports barrier function for optimal skin health and helps improve skin quality, combat dryness, control breakouts, reduce and prevent signs of ageing.

Enter Skin Physics ‘Biome Balance’ range, which includes three daily essentials and one intensive treatment with pre and probiotics:

  • Skin Physics Prebiotic Multi Cleansing Oil – RRP $29.95
  • Skin Physics  Probiotic Daily Moisturising Gel – RRP $59.95
  • Skin Physics Intensive ProRenewal Serum – RRP $49.95
  • Skin Physics Probiotic Overnight Repair Cream (pictured above) – RRP $59.95

Some of the key ingredients in this range which makes it different to others on the market include:

  • ProRenew Complex; a fast-acting probiotic backed by efficacy studies that induces advanced epidermal growth and production of antimicrobial peptides and keratinocyte cohesion for improved skin quality and density.
  • Repair Complex; a biotechnological active obtained from a lysate of probiotic bifidobacteria which specifically supports the skin’s own protection and repair mechanism and thus counteracts premature skin ageing. It protects against UV-induced damage in the skin by showing strong anti-immunosuppressive activity and increasing cellular repair.
  • Mirabilis Japala Extract; known as the ‘marvel’ of Peru, this natural extract targets the root cause of sensitive skin up to 30%* by supporting the epidermis as both sensory tissue and a physical barrier, alleviating cutaneous discomfort, fading redness of sensitivity and reactive skin.

The Skin Physics ‘Biome Balance’ range is available at and Priceline.

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