This winter leading medical aesthetic skincare brand SkinCeuticals is reminding Australians to adjust their skincare regime to suit the changing environment and give skin the boost of hydration it needs throughout the cooler months with its luxurious, highly active serum H.A. Intensifier.

As the temperatures drop, so too does the humidity in the air. This often causes skin to dry out which can increase the appearance of fine lines and crepiness associated with ageing.

SkinCeuticals offers a solution to combat dryness, sensitivity and irritation with its innovative serum, H.A Intensifier – a powerful hydrating and corrective concentrate, that has the unique ability to amplify the skin’s own capability to hydrate, while boosting moisture and firmness.

The science-backed brand has been pushing the limits of science to deliver the most precise, powerful and proven solutions that transform the skin’s appearance, while respecting its health. Scientific studies conducted by SkinCeuticals found that when using H.A. Intensifier, the skin’s levels of hyaluronic acid were amplified by 30 per cent[1], resulting in a more plump, smooth and firm appearance in the skin.

H.A. Intensifier uses high concentration technology – 10 per cent Proxylane, potent plant extracts, including liquorice root (2 per cent) and purple rice extract (0.2 per cent). Most importantly, it uses 1.3 per cent hyaluronic acid to hold moisture in the skin.By restoring the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid levels with H.A. Intensifier, a 12-week study found this resulted in a significant improvement across key ageing markers:

  • +23% improvement in plumpness
  • -9% decrease in sagginess
  • +11% improvement in firmness
  • +13% improvement in elasticity
  • +18% improvement in texture

Shedding light on how H.A. Intensifier combats signs of ageing, SkinCeuticals’ Scientific and Education Manager Dr Tania Romano said: “As we age, we lose plumpness in the skin brought on by functional changes including the increase or decrease in levels of hyaluronic acid in our skin’s makeup – which begins to decrease in our 20’s and rapidly so in our 40’s. This rapid degradation of hyaluronic acid contributes to signs of ageing. In winter we naturally produce less lipids and we need these oils as they act as a barrier to protect our skin from the environment. When the skin barrier is damaged, this directly affects the look and feel of our skin and will cause it to dry out. This combined with the removal of moisture from the air associated with winter means it is essential we inject some hydration back into our skin by using products like H.A. Intensifier in our daily skincare routines.”

Commenting on the Hyaluronic Acid serum, leading plastic surgeon and medical director at Shape Clinic, Dr Steven Liew says: “I have been using H.A. Intensifier for the past four years. It’s one of my favourite products in my personal skin routine and I recommend it to all my patients. It’s the perfect product to prepare the skin for surgery and
rehabilitate it post-surgery. There is nothing better than a youthful, plump and glowing skin. It is this that I set out to achieve for my clients every day.”

Available online at, at Myer and through all reputable skin care clinics.

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