The world’s most popular beauty influencers gain millions of views, subscribers and interactions on YouTube, with makeup tutorials teaching viewers everything from how to master the cut crease, to perfecting no heat curls.

The team at RY has analysed data to reveal 2021’s biggest ‘beautytubers’, and the beauty trends which are being searched for the most on the platform.

From Brisbane to Perth, RY  looked at Youtube search data from across the whole of Australia to discover the most popular local trends.

The biggest YouTube trends in Australia.

1 – Winged Eyeliner, 1,800 National Annual Searches

Just like the rest of the world, Winged Eyeliner Tutorials are the most searched by Australians on Youtube. Aussie superstar celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Isla Fisher have been spotted with this style of eyeliner, which shows that its popularity is resonating throughout society.

2 – Cut Crease, 1,800 National Annual Searches

In joint first place in the rankings is the cut crease tutorial which also has 1800 searches on Youtube. It would appear that finding out how to master the cut crease is more important in Australia than across the globe, as globally it only ranked ninth compared to being top of the pile down under.

3 – Messy Bun, 1,200 National Annual Searches

The messy bun is third in the rankings and is also the last style that has tutorials searched over 100 times a month on Youtube.  Two time Oscar winner and seven-time nominee Cate Blanchett are one of Australia’s finest actors, and she has been seen to rock a messy bun on red carpets.

Who are the most popular ‘Beautytubers’?

1 – James Charles, 25 million subscribers

The American beauty star has the most subscribers with around 400,000 more than the second-ranked star. He has grown to one of the biggest social media stars over the past five years, due mainly to his popular makeup tutorials.

2 – Yuya, 24.6 million subscribers

The second-ranked beauty influencer is the Mexican superstar Yuya, who has 24.6 million subscribers on her channel. Yuya’s presence on YouTube started over a decade ago after she won a makeup styling contest as a teenager, and in that time her popularity has massively increased to get her to this level.

3 – Jeffree Star, 16.5 million subscribers

Jeffree Star ranks in third place, with 16.5 million subscribers. Star is best known for being an exceptional makeup artist and owner of his own range, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, with millions of people engaging with his beauty content.

The most popular ‘Beautytubers’.


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