Halloween might be a bit different this year, but regardless of whatever socially-distanced plans are in store for October 31, you can guarantee the makeup will still look amazing.

So, what are the characters and creatures everyone is looking to recreate this year?

Cosmetify has analysed the number of Google and YouTube searches for various Halloween makeup looks to see which ones are the most on trend.

1. Clown makeup – 2.5m searches

Google searches – 2.4m

YouTube searches – 107k

Regardless of whether it’s a classic regular clown face or the gore is amped up, clowns are clearly a popular choice thsi year, with more than 2.5 million searches.


2. Euphoria makeup – 1.9m searches

Google searches – 1.7m

YouTube searches – 204k

One of the best things about Euphoria was all of the iconic makeup looks that it gave us. Don’t be surprised to see iconic glittery eyeliner looks of the likes of Maddy and Jules recreated this Halloween, with over 1.9 million searches for looks inspired by the show.

3. Harley Quinn makeup – 1.2m searches

Google searches – 1.1m

YouTube searches – 74k

Ever since the release of Suicide Squad four years ago, Harley Quinn has been a staple of every Halloween, with over 1.2 million searches this year from those looking to recreate the look.


4. Zombie makeup – 970k searches

Google searches – 900k

YouTube searches – 64k

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’re not alone. No doube the show;s popularity has contributed to the spike in searches for  zombie makeup, which almost hits the million mark.

5. Skeleton makeup – 880k searches

Google searches – 860k

YouTube searches – 19k

 A Halloween look without skull makeup is a look wasted. This look is sure to impress the guests can be one of the surprisingly easier makeup tutorials.


Each Country’s Favourite Halloween Look

We also decided to take a look at which was the most popular makeup look in each country around the world, revealing some pretty interesting regional preferences.

In North America, Australia, and much of Europe, a creepy clown look was number one, while in South America, there was a clear preference for the looks inspired by Euphoria.

Similarly, there seemed to be a trend for countries in Asia to be fans of looks inspired by DC Comics, with more searches for Joker and Harley Quinn makeup looks in countries such as India, Japan and Indonesia.


Annual Google searches for each look have taken from Google’s Keyword Planner and refer to the total number of global searches for each term between September 2019 and August 2020.

YouTube searches were taken from Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer and are the number of monthly average global searches multiplied by twelve to estimate an annual figure.


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