Cleansing is always at the top of consumers beauty agendas. Frequently, the number one SKU from mass and prestige ranges is the first step in any skincare routine – cleaning the face.

Cleansing has become even more crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic as one of the three core steps of Skinimalism – the stripped-back skincare regimen that has surged to the fore in leading markets such as the US, the UK and Australia – alongside serums and moisturisers.

According to Label Insight, which bills itself as the world’s most trusted product attribute metadata, search data for mega-retailer Amazon reveals the major benefits consumers are looking for in cleansers.

Foam cleansers led the pack, racking up 100,000 searches for the third quarter – up from 36,000 for the previous three months.

Acne-prone products come in second, although it is a larger category overall, and was boosted because of the increase in maskne and blemishes because of higher stress levels.

In descending order, the other top 10 placegetters ranked by search volume on Amazon were:

. containing tea tree oil

. aloe ingredients

. contains silicone,

. contains glycolic acid

. pineapple ingredients

. combination skin

. alcohol-free

. no rinse, mainly micellar waters

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