Five years after starting her Trinny London makeup empire, Sarah-Jane (Trinny) Woodall has catapulted into the skincare sphere.

Trinny has launched two cleansers to start this ‘first chapter’ of her skincare range.

The 58-year-old said she has chosen to launch her skincare collection one category at a time in order to “demystify the world of skincare by dividing it into easy-to-understand chapters so that every individual fully understands their skin and what it needs”.

Why start with cleansers?

“A clean canvas is your first and most important step,” the UK-based beauty said.

“Without a good cleanse, the rest of your products simply won’t work to their full potential. Cleanse can often be overlooked in the grand scheme of a full routine, but it’s so important they get the attention they deserve.”

The two cleansers were showcased to local media via Zoom.

The two cleansers – ‘Better Off’ AHA/PHA Gel Cleanser and ‘Be Your Best’ Enzyme Balm Cleanser – were showcased to local media via Zoom.

Trinny said the balm is best for those who have normal to dry skin, while the gel is for those with normal to oily skin.

 Both cleansers can be used together as a double cleanse – first the balm, then the gel – and are refillable.

“The balm is oil-based to nourish the skin and melt away makeup, while the gel is formulated with liquid exfoliants to go a little deeper and nude off dulling dead skin cells,” she said.

“They can be used together or alone.”

Sales for Trinny London more than tripled to £44m (AU$83.4m) in the year to March 2021, reports Financial Times, with the brand achieving more than £100m (AU$190m) in revenues since it launched.

The majority of Trinny London’s sales – a reported 81 per cent – are from the brand’s online Match2Me platform and Trinny only sells in-store to retailers that can input customers’ details in the system.

The data collated entails a range of personal information including combinations of skin type, skin tone, hair colour and eye colour which is used to predict and improve the customers’ experience.

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