For more than 100 years Weleda has been a pioneer in the certified natural cosmetic industry.

Now, the global leader has another feather to add to its cap –  Weleda is a B Corp, or a Certified Benefit Corporation.

This makes the brand  part of an international movement of companies that do business in a meaningful way, with high standards and values anchored in their corporate bylaws.

While 80 points are required for B Corp certification, Weleda scored 106.9 points.

 All of the brand’s products are already certified by NATRUE, a globally recognised quality seal of approval for natural and organic products, and Weleda is also one of only two natural skincare brands to be certified as a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT), a global standard for sustainable sourcing introduced in mid-2018.

Becoming a certified B Corp is the next step in the brand’s direction, with Weleda’s corporate purpose being “Unfolding the health and beauty of people and nature”.  

The B Corp certification is awarded by the non-profit organisation B Lab.

 It is not products that are certified, but a company’s actions and overall approach. The focus is on social added value and ecological sustainability, and not maximising profits at any price.

It is about the environment, biodiversity, species protection, human rights, climate protection, employees and customers.

B Lab calls it “business as a force for good.” The global B Corp movement originated in the United States with the aim of making our planet a better place.

 Working together to drive a global culture change globally, more than 4,000 B Corp-certified companies from more than 150 industries and 74 countries now stand for a more inclusive and sustainable economy.  

For the certification, Weleda had to answer and provide documentation to many questions about all aspects of the company. More 100 employees were involved in the process. B Lab recognises Weleda’s commitment to sustainable living, for example, in its certified natural skincare and the equitable relationships it nurtures with cultivation partners around the world to source plantbased raw materials.

 Michael Brenner, member of the Weleda executive board and responsible for sustainability, said customers were aware of the impact that consumption had on our planet and society, and were demanding that companies take action.

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we do, and it is anchored in our corporate purpose,” he said.

“Being in harmony with nature and people is only possible if we are a responsible and sustainable company. The B Corp certification helps us to communicate our high standards and philosophy worldwide. In our main markets, Weleda is already recognised as one of the leading responsible natural skincare brands. We still  want to achieve this recognition in other countries and also for our pharmaceutical business.”

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