Retail Beauty has previously reported on how important personalisation is to building customer loyalty.

This is especially crtiucal when it comes to skincare, where  products and routines  are customised to specifically target and treat the patient’s top concerns.

With lockdown restrictions only just easing, many peronsliased routines  have been forced to move online, with consumers able to take some form of diagnostic quiz or questionnaire to receive a range of recommend products.

 The Founder and COO of Melbourne aesthetic skin clinics Flawless Rejuvenation Dr Sean Arendse and Dermal Clinician Katanya Brelsford have taken things one step further by offering consumers expert, real-time advice with their concept Zebrafish Collective.

“We are the first online skincare platform with real-time dermal clinicians on hand,” said Dr Arendse.

Katanya said the two wanted to build “an online skincare shopping experience that not only offers an enormous range of professional-grade skincare but also offered live chat and video advice, delivered by dermal experts, at no extra cost, to help people make the right product choices”.

“Zebrafish fills the gap between online skincare retailers and a consultative experience,” she said.

“If you have specific skin concerns, perhaps you’re pregnant, or have an existing skin condition, you’re taking medication, or even have an event to attend soon, you want to know you’re putting the right products onto your skin.”

I had the good fortune of trialling the concept and undertook a consultation via Zoom with Dermal Clinician Jayde Taylor.

We discussed my skin concerns, mainly ageing (loss of elasticity) and  pigmentation (sun damage) with the skin goal to treat these areas of concern and  ‘get my glow back’.

After the consult, Jayde sent me a follow-up email, saying:

“I have chosen a routine for you to combat ageing on a dermal level with a combination of peptides. Some of these are ‘Botox in a bottle’, that  work on slowing down muscle movement. As you probably know, if we can put in place some amazing building blocks on a DNA level, I am hoping to promote smoother lines and better elasticity in your skin. Bonus level, we also we give you hydration.

“I also chose to focus on treating your pigment with a cocktail that has a selection of pigment inhibitors that will target specific pathways during melanogenesis process (the way skin makes pigment). This should also brighten the complexion. Every ingredient in this regimen is targeted at your concern and goal.”

I was recommended the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, Medik8 Liquid Peptides, Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus, PCA Collagen Hydrator and Colorscience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush SPF 30, which were subsequently delivered to my house, with the recommendation I check back in with Jayde in a month’s time.

Considering Flawless Rejuvenation in Toorak and Hampton  is the favourite celebrity go-to for Bec Judd, Michelle Greene, Jacqui Felgate and a raft of other skin conscious celebrities and influencers, I’m looking forward to seeing the results of my new regime.

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