Michelle Ruzzene, Editor

Michelle Ruzzene has spent more than 10 years working in all forms of the media as a journalist, digital news producer, beauty editor, blogger, stylist, social media specialist and editor. She began her career in the news arena, working at Port Macquarie News, Fairfax Digital, NineMSN and Yahoo7, before taking on the role of Beauty Editor at Retail Beauty’s sister publications INSTYLE and Professional Beauty. Now as the editor of Retail Beauty, the mother-of-two is passionate about reporting on the latest news, events, movers and shakers and product launches happening in the retail beauty industry.

Cathryn Tout, National Advertising Manager

Cathryn Tout began her career at a very early age in pharmacy retail where her love of hair, health and beauty was born. Now with over 20 years  experience in the industry working across a range of organisations, from large international corporates through to small start-ups, her passion for business development, sales and marketing is unprecedented. Co-founding and building her own hair care business, she knows what it takes to bring a brand to life and the importance of strategic positioning, engagement and authentically connecting with a market audience. Contact her via email ctout@intermedia.com.au or phone on +61 (0) 416 350 742.

Nicci Herrera, Podcaster & Strategic Advisor

Nicci has over 20 years’ experience across many aspects of the beauty industry – publishing, retail, marketing, strategy and sales. Nicci is knowledgeable and passionate about business building. Thanks to her various role in sales development management, she has an all-encompassing retail business-building expertise on many levels of what really happens on the department store floor, at front of house in the pharmacy beauty, in airport travel retail and the aisles of DDS; and has unique insights into the power of ‘the girl on the shop floor’. Nicci’s driving force has helped lead the next chapter of Retail Beauty to a 360-degree tool for brands to build awareness, educate the industry, secure distribution and help gain global exposure.

Elisabeth King, Associate Features Editor

Winner of the beautydirectory Star Award for Outstanding Contribution to Beauty Journalism 2012, Elisabeth is one of Australia’s leading lifestyle and business journalists and contributes regularly to leading newspapers and magazines in Australia and the UK. She has an economics honours degree from University College London and is a three-time winner of the CTFA (Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrance Association) annual beauty writing award on ‘The Business of Beauty’, for the Australian Financial Review. In addition to writing about men’s grooming and the cosmetic industry for the newspaper, she also wrote about finance and marketing and contributed to the Special Reports section, notably focusing on the Asian and Chinese markets. She continues to write about the rapid economic growth of China, notably in the cosmetics and beauty sectors. In November 2001, Elisabeth co-wrote the best-selling book – Secrets and Lies – All You Ever Wanted to Know About Beauty. In May 2003, she was the inaugural Australian winner of the Jasmine Award 2003, an international award for excellence in fragrance journalism. As the grooming editor of Men’s Style she won a second Jasmine award for the magazine in 2010. She is also the beauty editor of House & Garden magazine and a weekly columnist for beautydirectory.com.au.

Andrea Ferrari

Andrea Ferrari, Founder of Retail Beauty (formerly known as esprit)

Andrea founded esprit Magazine in the UK (1988) and Australia (2004) and is an international multi-award-winning beauty journalist. Highly respected, widely and diversely connected in the Australian and European beauty industry, Andrea thrives on digging deep, finding the story and sharing unbiased editorial across a broad range of subjects that matter to her retail beauty industry readership. As a start-up founder of esprit Magazine in two countries over three decades, Andrea has seen the rise-and-demise and rise-and-rise of thousands of companies, products and trends. This gives her a deep view of this beautiful business. She has a passionate respect for the retail beauty advisors who she often quotes as “the true influencer – on the shop floor with a live person asking for expert advice”. esprit was rebranded as Retail Beauty in 2021.