freezeframe is not only an Australian success story, developing award winning, best-selling clinically proven skin and body care products for nearly 15 years, but it now has an international launch under its belt! Having recently launched into the UK, freezeframe founder Sonia Amoroso says ‘I am so excited that our truly exceptional Australian made products will now reach a wider audience than they ever have before.’

With Summer fast approaching their leading body treatment solutions have been designed to not only transform women’s physiques, but also to boost confidence, which is at the heart of the brands mission. Our non-surgical innovations, including BREAST ENHANCER, TUMMY TUCK, and BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT, deliver remarkable at home results without the need for surgery.

Breast Enhancer

freezeframe’s non-surgical Breast Enhancer is not just safe and hormone-free, but it’s also clinically proven to volumise, lift, and firm breasts in as little as 4 weeks. Clinical tests revealed a 40% increase in breast size in just 28 days, with a remarkable 79% noticing a difference in as little as 14 days.

Tummy Tuck

Harnessing the power of science to create a topical cream that mimics the visual effects of exercise, Tummy Tucks ground-breaking and clinically proven formula reduces the appearance of unwanted flab, visibly shrinking the silhouette, and firming and toning body contours. In just 28 days achieve a noticeable 9cm reduction and up to 10.4cm in 56 days

Brazilian Butt Lift

Specifically designed to re-contour buttocks this clinically proven solution stimulates fat to give you curves in all the right places. What sets Brazilian Butt Lift apart is its utilization of not one, but two clinically proven technologies, ensuring increased volume, lift and firmness.

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