Leaders in clinical skincare for 15 years, freezeframe continues its tradition of pioneering transformative skincare solutions with its latest offering. 48 HOUR WRINKLE FREEZE Ice Roller Mask is at the cutting edge of anti-aging technology, featuring a potent blend of high dose wrinkle-freezing peptides that offer an unparalleled reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in 30 minutes.

This coconut water gel-mask fuses instant skin-smoothing technology with an innovative ice-roller technology. Designed to deliver immediate smoothing of wrinkles and enhanced skin hydration, clinical trials have demonstrated an 82% reduction in wrinkles within 30 minutes and up to 90% smoother skin 24 hours post-application, with the effects visible for up to 48 hours.

The mask’s formula is enriched with growth factors from Coconut Water, known for their hydrating benefits. These ingredients ensure sustained moisture for up to 72 hours after use, a claim supported by extensive clinical testing.

Adding to its impressive features, the patented ice roller facilitates deeper penetration of the peptides, offering the added benefits of cryotherapy—reducing puffiness, stimulating circulation, and enhancing the skin’s overall radiance.

Sonia Kruger, a long-time fan of the brand and advocate for beauty and visibility at any age, is a natural fit as brand ambassador. CEO and brand Founder Sonia Amoroso shared her excitement about the partnership saying, “Joining forces with Sonia Kruger as our brand ambassador, we’re smashing age stereotypes. Together, we stand for more than beauty; we stand for the power and resilience of every woman, at every age.”

Since its market introduction, the product has quickly become a bestseller, thanks to a comprehensive marketing strategy featuring Sonia, that spans digital, broadcast, and print media.

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