Our passion for innovation drives our desire to provide high quality ingredients that will be kind to the skin and hair and deliver results.

Our pillars are:


Inspire brands is not limited or defined by one single characteristic. We believe the spectrum of hair and beauty products should be layered and multidimensional, in the same way the person using them is. From the best creams, hair colours, tools and everything in between we have assembled a range of products that deliver results. We are driven by a philosophy that sees self-expression as self-care.

Self-care inspires us to develop products with natural moisturising, gentle actives, that will nurture and nourish.

We search for innovative ingredients and products, bringing to market brands that have their own uniqueness. We focus on finding ingredients that provide many benefits both from a beauty perspective and a wellness perspective.  On the journey to unearthing these innovative ingredients or products, our Team works hard to ensure that quality is not just a word or a wish, it is reality.

We source new brands. We create new products. We develop, We distribute, We grow.

We’re inspired by practicing self-care that offers choice, because decades in the hair and beauty industry has taught us a thing or three!