CLMG recently unveiled a groundbreaking CGI-infused marketing campaign for Sundae Body, featuring large-scale product versions in iconic Sydney locations.

The campaign was centered around Sundae’s new Body Whip range.

Misha Vaxman, Co-Founder of CLMG, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, and highlighted the growing demand for 3D animation in marketing.

“The appetite for 3D animation continues to thrive as businesses look to push creative boundaries to make a real impact with their audience,” he said.

The campaign, tailored for Instagram and TikTok, represents a new level of marketing sophistication with CGI integration.

The primary video garnered over 90,000 views in 72 hours, becoming one of Sundae’s best-performing Reels.

“CGI and Ai continue to offer unique and engaging ways for brands to reach designated audiences,” Vaxman said. “We are continuously getting requests from brands to integrate CGI and AI into their overarching marketing strategies and campaign executions.”