New research by Dove shows 70 per cent  of young girls in Australia believe the influencers they follow on social media set the standard for how they should look.

It’s no surprise then that one in two  of those surveyed say idealised beauty content on social media causes low self-esteem, with 48 per cent  saying they often wish they looked like someone else.  

The Dove Self-Esteem Project has partnered with Butterfly Foundation to launch #DetoxYourFeed, a movement encouraging the next generation to define their own beauty standards, supported by their parents and carers by having open conversations about body image, inaccessible beauty standards and toxic social media trends.

Aussie TV personality Melissa Doyle has also joined forces to share her personal experience as someone in the spotlight and as a mum.

Dove has also developed a Confidence Kit for parents and carers to help their kids navigate these sometimes difficult conversations available for free ​via ​

Watch  the Toxic Influence short film below: