Jeffree Star was the top influencer in the #BeautyTwitter report.

There’s a lot of beauty obsessives around the world.

According to the first #BeautyTwitter report conducted by Sprinklr, the world’s leading customer experience management platform, beauty talk accounted for 118.4 million tweets from July 2019 to July 2020.

Over 400 global accounts of brands and influencers, in addition to 250 highly rated hashtags in all languages were analysed over the 12 month period.

The US tops the list of countries in the worldwide gabfest (58 per cent), followed by the UK, Nigeria, France, Spain, Canada, Thailand and Indonesia.

Makeup was the leading topic with 37.6 million tweets, followed by skincare (6.4 million), hair (8.1 million) and nails (1.8 million).

Drilling down, #Skincare was the most popular hashtag during the Covid-19 crisis and tweets relating to natural beauty increased 23 per cent in the first half of the year.

Jeffree Star was the top influencer in the report, while ColourPop Cosmetics led brands in engagement.

Hump day – a.k.a Wednesday – is the most popular day to tweet about beauty.

Close to 41 per cent of beauty tweets worldwide included photos. While 59 per cent centred on text only.

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