Maria Yousif, makeup artist extraordinaire and Ardell Lashes ambassador.

There’s nothing worse than poorly applied false lashes.

Whether they’re slipping off the lash line, too big or too small for the eye, or a corner is merely flapping in the wind, there are some hard and fast rules to teaching a consumer how to apply them properly.

esprit caught up with Maria Yousif, makeup artist extraordinaire and Ardell Lashes ambassador, who shared her three golden questions to ask every consumer to ensure they purchased the best lashes for them, and her tips on how to best apply them at home.

 Three golden questions to ask a consumer:

1. “Have you worn lashes before?”

“This is the first question you must ask a customer,” Maria said. “If they haven’t, you cannot go in with something too heavy because you’ll scare them off lashes and they’ll never wear them again.” If the customer hasn’t worn lashes before, start them of with half lashes or wispy ones, then let them build from there.

2. “What’s the occasion?”

Is it a day or night event? What clothes will the client be wearing? “You must ask what the occasion is,” Maria said. “Is it a christening? Then go for something lighter. If it’s a festival or for a nightclub, go for something heavier.”

3. “What do you prefer?”

You must take into consideration the client’s eye shape and what they prefer, Maria said. “If the customer has big, round eyes, they might want to create more of a cat eye with heavier lashes on the outside,” Maria said. “Of if they have an almond eye, they may want to open up the eye with heavier lashes in the centre of their eye.”

Maria also shared her top seven tips for applying lashes at home:

  1. Always trim the lashes.
  2. Use a very minimal amount of glue – the less glue the better.
  3. Apply with tweezers or an applicator, not the hands.
  4. When the glue is tacky, apply the lashes.
  5. Start from the centre first, then pull out to either side of the lash.
  6.  Apply mascara.
  7. Voilà! Your client should have perfectly trimmed, applied lashes.
Ardell lashes and nails on a model.

Maria shared her top tips with esprit at Portobello PR headquarters where the latest Ardell lashes and Ardell’s newest nail range, the Pro Designer Premium Artificial Nail Collection, was on show.

Each nail kit contains 24 pro designer nails which can be customised with the choice of Medium or Long lengths and Almond, Coffin, or Squoval shapes.

Each nail is lightweight with a tapered base to lay low against cuticle for a natural look and are re-usable with the Ardell Professional Nail Glue, file, and cuticle stick included for expert-level application.

Nail artist Le Serenite gave each guest a set of the new false nails at the event, while Maria applied false lashes – perfectly – to every attendee.

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