In the Australian entertainment sphere, Francesca Hung‘s versatility shines through roles spanning modeling, acting, presenting, and media personality domains. Her heritage, a blend of Chinese and Irish-Australian roots, adds to her unique beauty. Retail Beauty delves into the captivating story behind the newest ambassador for Swisse Beauty.

 As the winner of Miss Universe Australia and a prominent model, you’ve become an inspiration to many. Tell us more.

Winning Miss Universe Australia was a pivotal moment in my life for several reasons. It became the catalyst for my professional career in hosting, presenting and acting. But on a deeper level, it gave me the platform to celebrate my mixed racial background and encourage young people to do the same in Australia. Growing up I felt like I didn’t see myself represented in the traditional media landscape and now being able to help young people feel represented or perhaps more accepted in our society has been the most rewarding experience for me to date. 

 How did you become associated with Swisse?

 I’ve been a fan of the Swisse brand long before becoming an ambassador for Swisse Beauty, so it was such a natural and honest alignment for me. Growing up I always felt that Swisse was such an iconic brand and to now be able to represent it in Australia feels like a pinch me moment. I still get goosebumps when I walk past a poster with my face on it for Swisse, and I always think back to younger me and how beneficial it would have been to see someone like that staring back at me. 

What key factors do you consider when deciding to work with a company or brand?

A company’s core values are always really important to me when I’m considering working with a brand. I always like to ask myself, ‘How well do I align with the brands focus and what they want to put out into the world?’ I love that Swisse focuses on wellbeing in such a holistic way, the emphasis is put on how we are looking after ourselves both mentally and physically, those around us and our planet rather than being solely product focused.  

Can you share a pivotal moment where you had to make a strategic decision that significantly impacted your professional path? 

 I can still picture the exact moment I first applied for Miss Universe Australia. I was sitting at my desk working a corporate 9-5 job, whilst still studying for my master’s degree in Publishing and realised that I had to actively push for my dreams rather than sit around and wait for things to happen for me. I was so afraid of failure and or judgment of others that I hadn’t gone after my career dreams and goals.  I ended up pushing myself completely out of my comfort zone by applying for Miss Universe Australia, but I have never once looked back as it gave me the confidence to go for what I want in life without always worrying about how others might perceive me. 

How do you handle negative publicity or criticism?

Surrounding myself with people that encourage me and lift me up is crucial when dealing with negative publicity or criticism. Also learning to let go… I’ve learnt that you are never going to be able to satisfy every single person, so for me, as long as I’m happy with myself and my own choices in life it’s much easier to block out the outside negativity. 

 How do you navigate the use of social media as a public figure, and what do you believe are the do’s and don’ts for effectively using social platforms?

 I view social media as an incredible opportunity to meet and engage with like-minded people and create supportive and interesting communities. Aside from the obvious don’ts on social media like ‘do no harm’ I think everyone has a different way of effectively using social platforms. I always approach my social media by thinking about what I like to see / engage with and try and think about the value that I can add when I’m posting.  That’s why I love sharing things like ‘A Day in my Life’ or my beauty and fashion tips because that’s what I personally love learning and seeing from other creators I follow. 

How do you see the future of influencer marketing evolving, and what impact do you think it will have on businesses and consumers?

 I think we’ve already seen such a big shift in the way brands and companies market their businesses since the rise of social media. Celebrity endorsements and traditional media outlet marketing is certainly still popular, but I think that younger generations are more heavily influenced by what they see on social media. 

I think that the rise of Influencers and influencer marketing has allowed brands to become more accessible and relatable to consumers. For me personally, I love hearing personal recommendations and reviews from my favourite content creators as I find that content much more informative and helpful than the more traditional forms of marketing. 

How do you see your role as a Swisse Beauty ambassador complementing your efforts to make a positive impact in the community?

 My role as the Swisse Beauty Ambassador gives me the opportunity to highlight and promote the importance of taking care of one’s health and wellbeing in a much more holistic manner than what we may have seen in the past. I think that the Swisse Beauty core belief that ‘Beauty Begins Within’ is so important and allows me the opportunity to share why Beauty isn’t just what we see from the outside.   We live in such a media driven society where young men and women are constantly comparing themselves to what they see on online or judging themselves on a physical level. So, I think that being able to promote beauty as more of feeling from within rather than an external idea can only be making a positive impact on society. 

This article was first published in the Spring issue of Retail Beauty:

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