In a perfect world, wouldn’t it be true that anything and everything would be available instantly and at the tip of our fingers? With the rise in popularity of self-serve kiosks across a diverse range of goods, it seems like this dream may be becoming more of a reality. From early adapters like airport check-ins, grocery stores and anytime, anywhere foot relief in the form of a Havaianas thong vending machine, getting what you want, when you want it may be on the way to becoming the norm. Macca’s has installed self-serve kiosks, allowing hungry customers to tap a few buttons on-screen and customize exactly what they want their meal to consist of, stat (an extra cone for me, please!). If I had it my way, these are the next generation of self-serve kiosks I’d love to see hit the market. Dream on with me!

Perfected Foundation

Midday touch-ups are a necessity in sunny Australia; whether it’s the makeup-melting summer sun or insanely stormy spring, a little fix can make all the difference during a long day. In the winter, dry patches can make foundation oxidize, too, and evening out a perfect base is always my number one priority — yes, even mascara comes second to a flawless complexion. But for obvious reasons, toting around foundation has never really quite caught on like a lipstick. Perhaps because of the commitment and mess foundation can demand, it’s often easier to skip this touch up step, but there’s nothing more I’d love to see than a self-serve colour-matching kiosk to spit out a sample sized skin perfecting foundation for an easy, on the go anytime touch up. In my dream world, a super high-tech camera would grab both colour and texture swatches via a photograph from your skin, and customise a powder, liquid, gel or cushion foundation with a matching applicator for each medium, for foundation perfection in a flash.

On the Run Snacks

Although vending machines are far from new technology, it seems like they’re stuck in the past when it comes to nutritious, readily available snack options. I love a Snickers bar as much as the next girl, but I crave wholesome, healthy picks when I’m on the run (I surely can’t be the only one!) and would love to be able to customise a bite sized nosh whenever the mood strikes. With a self-serve kiosk, I could create my dream snack based on hunger level and craving, like cheese and whole wheat crackers one day (and maybe even have it served with a cheeky glass of wine?), and an apple and single-serve packet of peanut butter the next.

Pharmacies Made Easy

In the USA, prescriptions are available for pickup via a drive through, which I’m all for during the frigid New York winters. But for us Aussies, a kiosk could play into the ease of OTC availability for times in need (midday menstrual cramp attacks, anyone?). Sometimes, I wish I knew where that last Panadol I was sure was floating around the bottom of my purse was, or am suddenly struck with the need to swipe on some extra deodorant, which I definitely didn’t pack in my purse for the day. I’d love to be able to push a button and have all my pharmacy needs available to me at my very fingertips, even after closing hours or in the rush of midday meetings.

Caffeine Fix

Although there is hardly a lack of amazing café’s and coffee houses in Australia, it seems difficult to grab a cup of joe in the late afternoon or evening. Sometimes, I can be a night owl and crave a freshly made specialty barista-style coffee after dinner and can seldom find a shop open. A serve-yourself kiosk would eradicate this problem, and keep my soy cappuccino addiction under wraps, any time of day or night.

ZZZ’s Made Easy

On the flipside, I’d love nothing more at the end of a long hard day for there to be a kiosk right outside my condo brimming with down time inducers. Soothing specialty items, like lavender-spiked dry sheets to swipe on clothes, bedding or even skin and hair would help us all instantly unwind, while plush, thick eye masks are just what we need when rest is a priority.


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