Intensifying the intimacy beauty assistants can have with customers on the shop floor is where growth is for all brands. The personal touch counts. Canfield Beauty, a new initiative of Canfield Scientific, the global leader in skin imaging systems, services and products, has launched NEXA®, a handheld mobile imaging device that alone or with its complementary booth system empowers beauty brands to improve the customer experience, enhance their level of service and create an engaged and loyal following through the use of mobile, quality skin imaging technology.

“Canfield Beauty is the natural next step in leveraging our expertise to benefit a new customer segment,” says president Doug Canfield. “And, NEXA will provide the beauty industry with the tools to create a higher level of customer interaction and service.” 

Designed specifically for retail consultations, NEXA provides beauty consultants and beauty executives with the versatility needed to both initially engage customers and cultivate long-term customer relationships with the connected consumer. 

“We listened to beauty companies looking to attract business to their retail store locations and developed a solution that would reinvent the in-store consultation,” says product management director Diana Ordonez. “Offering anytime, anywhere omnichannel imaging solutions, the NEXA platform is the first of its kind.” 

“The NEXA allows for instant yet meaningful consultations in our wellbeing workshop stores and at counter,” say philosophy’s vice president of Global Education and Events, Catherine Barber. “philosophy has been working with Canfield for more than seven years now, and the launch of NEXA has enabled us to connect with our customers in yet another new way. We’re also able to reconnect with our clients when their results and routine are emailed to them directly, extending the brand conversation beyond the consultation.” 

To better educate and share valuable skin health information with today’s consumer, Canfield Beauty developed a solution for the beauty retail industry that provides high-quality, meaningful skin images. As a result, NEXA assesses up to eight unique skin features, including wrinkles, pores, texture, subsurface red areas and brown spots. And, NEXA’s patented technology enables better, more standardised lighting, providing an image quality that far exceeds today’s selfie-based applications and programs.

“Quality images lead to a better quality assessment,” says Ordonez. “If you can see the real story of your skin, its strengths and its weaknesses, you have a much better chance of meeting your skin health goals.” 

Addressing the needs of single or multi-brand portfolios, NEXA is also empowering beauty consultants by assisting with personal product recommendations that are filtered by a proprietary algorithm and administered by brands on the back end. 

The cloud-based solution generates the big data that helps users understand their customer base as a whole and positively impact business decisions. It provides retailers with access to data across customers, stores or regions for a complete brand performance analysis. “By providing more meaningful and engaging consultations in our brick and mortar stores and then extending the consultation with easy at-home access, our customer connections are powerful and omnichannel,” says Jacqueline Flam Stokes, Vice President of Retail & Salon for Pierre Fabre overseeing Eau Thermale Avène. “And, the quality of the skin feature assessment is a perfect complement to our consultants’ expertise. As a worldwide skincare leader with a vast portfolio of products, it was critical for Avène to find the right diagnostic company to collaborate with to enhance the customer experience in-store.” 

The new brand continues to assess the current and future needs of its customers, and is already planning for future products and services. “Bricks and mortar retail stores know that they need to change to better meet the needs and shopping styles of today’s consumers,” adds Ordonez. “Canfield Beauty is focused on helping them do just that, providing high-quality innovative tools that evolve with and for the next generation retail consultation.”  

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