By Elisabeth King

New media campaign, local ambassador and innovative products gain competitive advantage for Burt’s Bees.

A master brand strategy is a powerful marketing tool. Not only does it convince customers of a company’s expertise and quality positioning, the creation of a common identity produces a halo effect that boosts sales of new launches and helps the core range to stand out from the crowd.

The tagline of Burt’s Bees new media campaign – be a true force of nature – is all about our brand integrity, says Leia Berryman, senior brand manager, Burt’s Bees ANZ. “natural is our main point-of-difference. But today’s women want more”.

“Today’s women are seeking out sustainably-sourced and responsibly-made skincare
and makeup products that are effective and harness the power of nature”, says Berryman. “Our target consumers, especially the younger demographic, are looking for something more meaningful that dovetails with their better for me, better for the world outlook”.


The new campaign is digital across mobile and desktop as well as at point-of-sale. It emphasises the customer experience – product quality, brand values and brand name – and delivers the full essence and naturalness of the Burt’s Bees brand, says Berryman. “A pivotal approach that builds equity in the marketplace as the relationship with the customer becomes emotional as well as rational”. 

The strong emotive message has plenty to build on. Burt’s Bees has enjoyed 30 per cent-plus growth over the past year, says Berryman. “We have the number one natural lip balm in the market. The introduction of the innovative Power Wing has also helped to push every segment into growth and widened distribution. For over 30 years, Burt’s Bees’ earth-friendly, natural health and beauty products have made a strong connection with consumers, which has led to stickiness and insistence. Our brand integrity and Greater Good philosophy has been key to customers going out of their way to experience the brand and they are less swayed by promotions”.

Consumers see pharmacies as health destinations, which is fuelling an increasing demand for good-for-you beauty products. Natural brands have to choose the right ambassador to make a celebrity partnership successful. Burt’s Bees has appointed surfing legend, Sally Fitzgibbons, for the new campaign because the relationship is effortless, not gratuitous, says Berryman. “We wanted someone who complemented the force of nature aspects of the brand and consumers can truly believe Sally uses the products in her everyday life. It’s the perfect match between personality and product”. 


When the 27 year old Aussie pro surfer isn’t catching waves in the World Surf League, she is an inspirational fitness and wellbeing guru. In 2014, Fitzgibbons launched her first book, Live Like Sally, and in early 2017 followed up with the Train Like Sally fitness app. She tours schools giving educational talks to inspire healthy living and fight obesity and has her eyes set on the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 to fulfill a childhood dream to compete for a gold medal. Sally bucks the trend of the set way of doing celebrity endorsements, says Berryman. “We wanted to partner with a spokesperson who could reach out and talk to Australian natural beauty buyers with authenticity. She has over one million followers on social media globally and the booming interest in women’s sport has produced more aspirational role models instead of celebrities who don’t walk the talk”. Given her outdoors lifestyle, one of Fitzgibbons’ favourite products is the new Burt’s Bees All-Weather SPF15 Lip Balm, which she showcases in the new campaign. Formulated with zinc oxide, a physical mineral sunscreen, the nourishing balm is also packed with beeswax, meadow foam oil, cocoa seed butter and olive fruit oil. Unlike other natural SPF formulas, the All-Weather Lip Balm doesn’t leave a white film on the lips while providing 100 per cent protection. “Whether I am jogging or doing yoga on the beach, lip sunscreen is vital”, says Fitzgibbons.


Fitzgibbons is also a prime candidate for Burt’s Bees new Micellar Cleansing Water and Micellar Cleansing Towelettes, launching in March. The minerals in tap water, chlorine and sea water can wreak havoc on the complexion. Micellar waters, containing molecules called micelles lift out and trap dirt, debris and impurities in pores without any rinsing, rubbing or greasy residue. They also help to streamline cleansing to one step, leaving the skin feeling soft and helping to keep the skin’s pH at the right level. Micellar waters are great for all skin types and are far less drying, says Berryman. “The micellar trend is massive in the Australian market and continues to deliver strong growth of 30 per cent-plus. One of the many PODs of Burt’s Bees Micellar Water is that it is at least 95 per cent natural and uses responsibly sourced Australian White Cypress oil and Honey extract in the formulation. Chemical-free, there is no added fragrance and the formula is dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested. Just soak a cotton pad, wipe the face, and apply moisturiser or makeup on top”.

Beauty wipes are also a rapidly growing trend, especially for busy women on the go. The new Micellar Water Cleansing Towelettes are 99.5 per cent natural ingredients and are made from re-purposed cotton, says Berryman. “Even the outer package film contains 25 per cent post-consumer recycled content. They are great to take everywhere and the 3-in-1 formula leaves the face feeling soothed and moisturised as well as clean”.

The strong sustainability message is also very evident in Burt’s Bees’ new Glossy Lipsticks, also debuting in March with packaging composed of 60% post-consumer recycled content. The key benefits are a 100 per cent natural formula, a glossy finish and six runway shades from nude to pink. Containing Red Raspberry oil, Moringa oil and Mimosa Flower Wax that provide long-lasting hydration with a smooth glossy finish. These products clearly show that Burt’s Bees is a trendsetter in natural beauty, adds Berryman. 

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