The repositioning of Coty-owned Max Factor has been inspired by research in how women 35+ look and feel about their beauty.

These women are powerful, confident in most aspects of their lives and feel their beauty is at its peak; through their experiences and character, says Monique Smith – Marketing Director, Coty Consumer Beauty ANZ.
“However, the beauty industry is failing at speaking to them in a way they feel connected to with only 17% of women surveyed thinking that beauty advertising is aspirational and only 10% thinking that it represents relatable women.”

These women are wanting a brand that creates products suited to her changing skin needs and which represents her character and her life experiences. “In order to appeal to the regeneration of ‘forgotten women’, they want a brand that puts her front and centre, so that’s exactly what we’ve done in our new brand imagery using real and aspirational women.”

“Similarly, in a world where beauty blogging is all around us, 67% of women surveyed are not currently seeing wearable daily makeup inspiration that they connect with”.

The focus for these women as revealed by
the study, is that makeup is no longer about transforming themselves, but rather on enhancing their features and making them feel like the best version of themselves.

“When many beauty brands are focusing on millennials and not speaking to Generation X, we’re excited about delivering a brand that has 35+ women at its core, speaking to her in a way she can relate to, and that gives her confidence to refresh her makeup routine that might not change for a while. Where she can confidently start filling her makeup bag with new products that she feels are right for her skin type, and the new look she is after. I’m also looking forward to bringing helpful assets to market that give these women confidence and inspiration.

“Through local YouTube tutorials featuring Max Factor, makeup artist Liz Kelsh will deliver tips and tricks from her years of expertise working with women, and importantly can relate to this group of women. Liz shows how to do a basic eye lift with your eyeliner and other tips relevant to their needs. Makeup expertise is still at our core, however less about backstage, more about at-home with real women applying makeup. Our new brand platform YOU X MAX FACTOR is created to cater to her needs, demonstrating how-tos with our products and know-how to help her with her personal amplification”.

“In line with our renewed brand focus, the needs of the 35+ woman are at the core of our product development with hybrid skincare and makeup as key. Innovation is inspired by skincare and prestige ingredients following three key innovation principles:

  • Performance makeup that cares for skin
  • Multi-benefit and on-the-go
  • Straight forward and simple to use

Launching in November 2018 will be a first-to-market foundation – Radiant Lift Foundation
– which combines radiance, long lasting finish, hyaluronic acid and delivers 30+ SPF protection. Completing the regime for a flawless skin finish will be Radiant Lift Concealer with soft applicator tip, Hydrating and Illuminating Primer and Miracle Glow Pro Illuminator.”

Liz Kelsh Max Factor Makeup Artist shares what she loves about Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation

“When it comes to foundation usually you have to sacrifice radiance for long wear or visa versa.  I’m a big fan of this foundation as I can achieve both with one foundation and quickly too. When it comes to long wear this foundation is a real stayer, ideal for anyone who feels their foundation slides of their face half way through the day or for those who feel their skin soaks up their foundation by lunch time. It has buildable coverage for a flawless finish. It’s also a multitasker which I love, providing skincare benefits with hyaluronic acid to hold moisture to the skin and sunscreen to protect from pigmentation. When I’m applying makeup I try to attract as much light as I can to the face. The light-reflecting pigments in the Miracle Glow Pro Illuminator make this very easy. Bringing light to the face gives the skin a more youthful glow and is universally flattering. The Pro Illuminator can be worn under foundation for an all-over glow or applied to the high points of the face such as cheekbones or the bridge of the nose for extra glow.

As a makeup artist the two questions I’m most asked are ‘how can I get my foundation to last all day’ and ‘ how do you get that beautiful glow to the skin’. This range is the perfect answer. A foundation with benefits that is as hard working as you are, providing sun protection and skincare benefits, is super long wearing and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. All super easy and quick to apply so it easily fits into your makeup routine and will stay put ‘til you take it off that night”.

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