In a proactive stride towards upholding the integrity of ethical standards in the cosmetic industry, Accord has initiated its biennial review of the ‘Voluntary Industry Code to Support the Australian Ban on Testing Cosmetics on Animals.’ This review underscores a commitment to continual improvement and alignment with best practices in cosmetic manufacturing.

Accord is reaching out to engage all stakeholders and interested parties in providing valuable feedback as part of the two-yearly review of the voluntary industry Code. This inclusive approach aims to involve the cosmetic industry in collectively enhancing and refining the guidance outlined in the Code, particularly regarding claims related to animal testing.

To facilitate meaningful participation, Accord has made available a comprehensive consultation and review brief. This resource acts as a guide, offering insights into the key considerations and objectives of the review. Interested parties can access the brief online through the official Accord website:

The Code itself is easily accessible on the Accord website. Those wishing to contribute to the consultation are encouraged to carefully read the brief and provide comments that directly address the specified scope of the review.

All submissions and feedback should be directed to the dedicated email address: It is important to note that the consultation period is set to close on January 12, 2024.

As the cosmetic industry continues to embrace evolving standards, active participation in this review process becomes a crucial contribution to the ongoing commitment to cruelty-free practices. Accord anticipates a robust and insightful engagement from the industry, further solidifying the impact and relevance of the Voluntary Industry Code.

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