The real-u three-step system plus spot treatment.

The road to clear skin isn’t always linear, but Australian skincare brand real-u is making it a whole lot easier to get there.

After years of selling exclusively through its online store, real-u is launching into Priceline.

The Founder of real-u Ebony Ilsley is excited about the move into bricks-and-mortar with products hitting shelves in early November.

“Whilst we have been very successful in accessing the online segment of the market for our category of product, our research has shown that the vast majority of our potential customers and many of our existing customers would prefer to purchase a product like ours within a trusted retail environment,” says Ebony.

Similar to many businesses within the beauty industry, Ebony began real-u as a solution to her own skin issues.

“I never expected to get hormonal acne at the age of 26, it tore my confidence to shreds.”

After experimenting with harsh acne treatments, like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, with no results, she was at a loss.

It was Ebony’s husband who brought to her the 30 years of research that would eventually become the foundation of the real-u skincare technology.

“I didn’t have high hopes. But after trialling it myself and doing extensive consumer trials of well over 5000 people, we knew for certain; this was the answer I and so many others had been looking for,” says Ebony.

Founder of real-u Ebony Ilsley

Marine salt compound is the secret ingredient used in real-u products to help combat oily acne-prone skin. It’s natural, vegan, and best of all, unlike the harsh chemicals that can burn the skin and make matters worse.  

“An absolute game-changer for acne skin,” Ebony adds.

With just five products in the range, real-u works as a three-step system to help break the acne cycle and rebuild skin health. Consumers can choose between two serums depending on the severity of their skin issues.

“Our green Control Serum is the best fit for most people, only reach for the red if the skin is more severe,” says Ebony.

Real-u developed an extensive database of online resources to help website customers decide which products were right for them.

However, e-commerce does not offer a personal touchpoint to experience products first-hand or allow for conversation directly with a skincare advisor.

“We partnered with Priceline because like us, they share a genuine passion for delivering the best skincare service and advice to their customers. Their staff are very educated in skin and have a great understanding of how to best treat skin. I was very impressed by their in-store knowledge and felt they would be a great fit for our brand.”

Ebony is available via email to help customers with personalised information on their skin and often offers helpful tips via real-u’s social media accounts. Her top tip for fighting problem-skin? Consistency.

“A consistent skincare routine that works with your skin will give you the best results.”

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