Adore Beauty has unveiled its latest innovation, AB LAB Colour Cosmetics. This new line merges the allure of colour cosmetics with the functionality of skincare, catering to the growing consumer demand for products that offer more than just aesthetic enhancement.

The AB LAB Colour Cosmetics range features an array of products designed to beautify while addressing skin concerns.

These include the Barely There Luminous Skin Filter Primer, which enhances skin’s radiance and smoothness, and the Dewy-C Luminous Face Mist & Setting Spray, a versatile spray that hydrates and sets makeup, HA Plump Hydrating Lip Oil, designed to moisturise and plump lips, and the HA Plump Gloss-Balm, a hybrid that offers the nourishing benefits of a balm with the glossy finish of a lip gloss.

Insights from a recent survey conducted by Adore Beauty reveal a strong market inclination towards makeup that doubles as skincare. Of the over 900 Australian women surveyed, 84 per cent showed a preference for cosmetics with additional skincare benefits, a statistic that has significantly shaped the development of the AB LAB line.

Megan Miloshis, Makeup Artist and Social Media Manager at Adore Beauty, praised the new range for its dual functionality. “These products are not only perfect for adding a pop of coloor but also offer skincare benefits, making them essential multitaskers at a very competitive price point,” Miloshis commented.

Founded in 2000, Adore Beauty has been a trailblazer in the Australian beauty e-commerce scene, providing a comprehensive platform that features a diverse array of brands and products tailored to meet a wide range of beauty needs.

AB LAB, Adore Beauty’s signature brand, capitalises on more than twenty years of industry experience to offer accessible beauty solutions.

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