Beauty IQ Uncensored hosts Joanna Flemming and Hannah Furst

Hosted by Beauty Editor Joanna Flemming and beauty newbie Hannah Furst, the creators say they get real about every aspect of beauty.

“No topic is off-limit – from retinol to bum hair – with a healthy dose of education and laughs.”

The creative team at Adore Beauty is known for its pioneering work, after all Adore was founded in 2000 when the internet was dial-up.

Sarah Mullen, COO remembers that distinctive era-defining sound: “I can hear the tone in my head, as I write this. Many generations will never understand the struggles of being on the internet when your mum picks up the phone. Urgh!”

Sarah tells esprit: “As the leading pure play ecommerce retailer, we’re required to innovate. We should always be striving to do so, and we are forever encouraging the team to do so. It’s in our DNA.

“We’ve been combining retail and content for a while now. We inform and educate our customers through Beauty IQ articles and Guides. Brand, product, or concern-based guides are all created in-house. They’re the type of thing you read late at night while trying to figure out which hair dryer is best to reduce damage for your fine hair or which product works best to reduce acne scarring. They’re detailed, honest and informative. Our customers are thirsty for content and education, so we were posed with this. How do we continue to give our customers content, education, and innovate even more?

“Well easy, right, we’ll create a podcast! So, we did, and it’s awesome! To date we’re 12 episodes deep. It’s like listening to your best mates, having a cringy convo at the dinner table with a wine, then throw in interviews with beauty professionals and serious questions (of course). It’s highly informative and absolutely addictive. It’s also innovative. It’s the first of its kind and it spent weeks at #1. Give yourself a treat and listen, at the very worst you’ll be shocked.”

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