Agence de Parfum national education manager Michael Marzano .

Media and fragrance enthusiasts were invited to Libertine Parfumerie in Sydney’s Darlinghurst to be briefed on Agence De Parfum’s season update for winter 2020.

Guests were able to have a sneak peek of the new launches, including a ‘whiff’ of each one, as Agence de Parfum national education manager Michael Marzano gave an overview of each brand and product.

Michael spoke in depth about brands including Carrière Frères, Creed, Ormonde Jayne, Montale, Hermetica, bdk Parfums, Rance, Liquides Imaginaires, Maison Crivelli, Mizensir, Compagnie De Provence, Penhaligon’s, Grandiflora, Clive Christian, Musgo Real, Lola James Harper, Juliette Has a Gun and more.

Agence De Parfum’s season update was held at Libertine Perfumery .

Michael spoke about the “incredible technology” from Hermetica, which contains no alcohol at all in its formulations and smells the same from beginning to end with no top, middle or end notes.

 He then went on to explain  Trilogie des Humeurs from Liquides Imaginaire was based on the  philosophy of Hippocrates and the perfume was created as “antidote  to the four humours—blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm” and “their influence on the body and its emotions”.

Penhaligon’s was given a special mention for turning 150 this year. To celebrate, Michael said  the brand was releasing The Favourite, an eau de parfum based on Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, who rose to be one of the most influential women of her time through her close relationship with Anne, Queen of Great Britain.

The iris was highlighted as a trend ingredient to watch this year by Michael.

Following the in-depth and informative presentation, guests were given a goody bag to take home.

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