Natural beauty brand A’kin urges consumers to stop making skincare mistakes and treat oily skin naturally. Gentle yet effective A’kin Oil Control range has proven results, none more close to home than with the formulating chemist’s daughter.

Annabelle Personeni – Botanical Chemist at A’kin hosted media briefings where she shared the personal pain she felt for her distressed daughter as she navigated acne and traditional treatments. Since using the ingredients and early formulations created by her mother the condition has cleared and now it’s daughter No.3 using the new range to treat her pimply teenage skin.

A’kin Oil Control range with Absorbing Bamboo Powder includes natural ingredients to help purify the skin and counteract the processes that leave skin with excess shine and oil. Clarifying Cleansing Mousse, Intensive Sebum Controller, Shine-Free Facial Moisturiser and Mattifying Day & Night Cream work together to leave skin feeling light and mattified.

The point of the range is to help control sebum production that can lead to pimples and redness. Annabelle explains how the Oil Control range works and how the natural ingredients found in the range are a much gentler option to the harsh and abrasive skincare products on the market: “The skin presents oil glands that produce sebum – the protective oil flowing on the top of the skin that maintains good bacteria and locks in moisture. Factors such as stress, hormones (during puberty & menopause) and diet (excess sugar) can lead to the production of sebum in excess quantities.

This sebum is then exposed to UV and pollution causing it to oxidise, which in turn causes the skin’s pores to enlarge in order to evacuate the excess oil. Bacteria feed on this thick, oxidised sebum, blocking the pores and causing pimples.

The mistake most people make is using harsh skincare regimes that further stresses the skin and oil glands, starting the process all over again. The mild and preventative Oil Control Range works with absorbing bamboo powder to remove the oils without stripping out good skin oils.

The range fights against the four phenomena responsible for acne formation; excess sebum, sebum oxidisation, microbial growth and inflammation. This gentle skincare routine slows down sebum secretion and the skin becomes less oily and shiny, reducing blemishes and irritations over time.”

Hero ingredient is Bamboo powder, used for optimal absorption. It is 4x more absorbent than rice, and unlike synthetic silicone powder it is fully bio-degradable.

Flaxseed extract is a potent antioxidant key to preventing sebum break down. Australian Tea Tree extract, found only in the Intensive Sebum Controller helps control the bacteria that are present on the skin feeding on the sebum. Antioxidants are used to slow down the effect of pollution and help prevent the oxidisation of sebum. To make this happen Vitamin C and Vitamin E work together with the Flaxseed extract by shielding free radicals. Soothing extracts such as Schizandra, a five-flavour berry used in Chinese traditional medicine, Orange Flower Water and Sandalwood Seed Oil are used to soothe redness and inflammation so the skin is less stressed.

A’kin Oil Control Clarifying Cleansing Mousse RRP $14.95. A’kin Oil Control Mattifying Day & Night Cream RRP $29.95. A’kin Oil Control Shine-Free Facial Moisturiser RRP $17.95. A’kin Oil Control Intensive Sebum Controller RRP $24.95. On counter now.

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  1. I have used this product and really loved it. The only downside is finding it online in Europe, which is impossible.
    I hope you guys can make this more available within Europe.

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